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Changing Curricula

There are many ways to change a curriculum. Below lists a few of these possible changes and notes to consider with them.

Request to Increase Major Hours – For programs who seek to increase their required hours over 120 or the amount previously approved by BoT

Revisions in Title/CIP Code/Delivery Mode

Changes to the title of a plan, the CIP code, or the delivery mode of an existing major/plan requires approval beyond the NC State campus and may take 6-12 months. Addition of an online delivery method also requires a Request to Deliver

If you change a concentration (sub-plan) or degree (plan) title and leave the SIS code as is, the

current students will graduate under the NEW title, therefore a new code should be created for the new title and the department/college can then move students who want to graduate with the new title into the new code/degree audit.

Adding or Dropping Courses from an Electives List

Adding or dropping elective courses within a particular degree plan or subplan will not result in the establishment of new requirements, but increases or decreases elective course selection options within the program. Such a revision will not require the creation of a new degree key/audit. Consultations should be pursued if the course(s) being added/dropped are offered by another college.

If the curriculum provides a list of elective courses from which to choose from to fulfill a degree requirement and the proposal requests that one or more of the elective courses in the list will no longer be permitted to fulfill the requirement but will continue to be a course offered in future semesters, the dropping of the course from the elective list will result in the creation of a new degree key/audit for the curriculum. If the course being removed from the list is a dropped course and will no longer be offered, removing the course from the course options will not create a new degree key.

Adding or Dropping Required Courses

Adding or dropping required courses for a particular degree plan or subplan will result in the establishment of new requirements and therefore such a revision will require the creation of a new degree key/audit. Students in the current degree key for that plan or subplan will not be affected by the revisions and will be permitted to remain in their current degree key. Note that if a new course being added has prerequisites, those prerequisites should also factor into the plan requirements and semester plan for the program.

Alterations Due to a Course Change (title, number, or semester) 

  • Title and number: Course title changes affect the semester plan and plan requirements. For plans affected by the change in a course title, unless a new degree key is created with an effective date the same or after the effective date of the course title change, the old title will still appear on the audit.
    • Number changes may also affect requirement groups that seek a certain level of course (300+).
  • Semester offering: Changes to the semester(s) that a course is offered need to be reflected in semester plans.