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Course Information

This page contains information and links relevant to course record development.

If a course prefix needs to be added that is not currently on the CIM Course Form (Course Prefix drop-down list), fill out the CIM MiscAdmin form here.

Undergraduate Level Course Numbering
  • 100-199 courses under the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences are offered by the Agricultural Institute and are designed to meet specific requirements of the Associate of Applied Science degree.
  • 100-299 courses are intended primarily for freshman and sophomores (290-299 introductory seminars and special topics courses intended primarily for freshman or sophomores)
  • 300-399 courses are intended primarily for juniors
  • 400-499 courses are intended primarily for seniors (490-498 advanced undergraduate seminars and special topics courses; 499 advanced undergraduate research)
Graduate Level Course Numbering

For Graduate course numbering and associated grading method guidelines see the Graduate Handbook.

Dual-Level Course Numbering (400-500 Level Courses)

The practice of a department teaching a 400-level and 500-level course in the same subject matter is called a “dual-level” offering. Both courses should bear the last two digits at each level (example: PY 414/514) and must have the same course title, credit hours, grading method, etc.

Such proposals are expected to reflect the different needs and abilities of students taking the 500-level version of the course and students taking the 400-level version. Therefore, all requests for dual-level use must address how the performance expectations will be greater and performance evaluation more rigorous for students taking the 500-level course. On the CIM Course form select the dual-level radio button and the corresponding course number will appear, complete the form detail and the approval workflow will move the course proposal through the Undergraduate and Graduate approvals.

For more information about dual-level as well as crosslisted courses, check out this video and review Dual-Level Course Guidelines from the Graduate School.

Please visit the Credit/Contact Hour Guidelines to review the types of components (Lab, Lecture, Fieldwork, Internship) as a guide for organizing your course structure.

Please feel free to contact the office for assistance in figuring out the best component and to check credit/contact hour formulations that will best fit your class activities!

Cross-listed courses are courses that, much like dual-level courses, share the same course ID in SIS. This indicates that the course is an integral part of the course offerings of all involved disciplines or departments and that a significant level of equal collaboration is in play from financial support to scheduling, instruction, and approval.

The following are not considered sufficient justification for crosslisting:

  • Increasing enrollment by creating multiple listing points in the catalog or schedule of classes
  • To have the course prefix reflect the major
  • Because the course is required in the major
    • There are no constraints on requiring courses from another department for a major

Watch this video to learn more!