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Discontinuing Curricula


As soon as you want to close admissions to an undergraduate major, you’ll want to begin the Request to Discontinue process. This discontinuation will close admissions for any subplans that are a part of this plan. This process will help you think through things like:

  • At which point do you think all students currently enrolled in the program should graduate?
  • How will you ensure that those students currently enrolled can finish out their coursework?
  • How will the staff and faculty involved in the program be moved/phased out?

In order to maintain compliance with our accreditors, the Request to Discontinue must be completed and approved before admissions can be closed. Contact OUCCAS for assistance with timing and planning!

Subplan, Minor, Honors Program, Certificate

The discontinuation of subplans remains only on-campus, but it is a good idea to keep the same timeline for the maximum amount of notification to students! To discontinue these programs, click “discontinue” in CIM for Programs and follow the directions.