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Undergraduate Honors Program in Business Analytics


The Data Analytics Honors Program is designed for Poole College of Management students seeking to extend their accounting, business administration, or economics degree into the area of data analysis and analytics. Courses in this honors program are designed to build an expertise in understanding data, data structures and data analysis as used by businesses.  The program has a focus on real world applications through practicum and project-based courses.


Admissions Requirements for Spring 2020

Admission to this program is competitive and based on prior academic achievement. Students applying to this program beginning in Spring 2020 are subject to the following requirements. The program is open only to Poole College of Management students who have:

  • B+ or higher in BUS 340 and BUS/ST 350
  • B+ or higher in BUS 351
  • 3.25 or higher major GPA; 3.25 or higher overall GPA

If you are an interested undergraduate student and believe you meet the program requirements, please complete the Business Analytics Honors Program Application and follow the instructions for submission. Prospective applicants will be asked to submit an application and a degree audit. In the meantime, students interested in learning more about this new program are asked to send an email message to .

Program Requirements (for Students Admitted in Spring 2020 and After)

  • BUS 440H Database Management
  • BUS 458H Analytics: From Data to Decisions
  • BUS 459H* Business Analytics Practicum

One course** from the following list:

  • ACC 495 (pending permanent course number) – Analytics in Accounting and Finance
  •  BUS 428 – Financial Analytics
  •  BUS 429 – Financial Modeling
  •  BUS 449 – IT Capstone*
  •  BUS 469 – Digital Marketing Practicum*
  •  BUS 470 – Operations Modeling and Analysis
  •  BUS 476 – Decision Modeling and Analysis
  •  BUS ·479 – Supply Chain Practicum*
  •  EC 451 – Econometrics II
  • MIE 439 – Human Resources Practicum*
  •  MIE 495 (pending permanent course number) – Human Resources Analytics*

*Course project must be approved by Honors Program for the course to count
**Courses on this list may also count in the major, however participation in the Honors program
does not guarantee access to these courses – students must meet any prerequisites and restrictions

Program Requirements (for Students Admitted in Fall 2019 or Before)

In addition to the two prerequisites, BUS 340, and BUS/ST 350, applicants must successfully complete:

  • BUS 351H – Predictive Analytics for Business
  • BUS 458H – Analytics: Data to Decisions
  • BUS 459H* – Business Analytics Practicum

*Students may substitute other honors-level practicum courses containing analytics content with program-level approach. Please contact for more information.

Certification for All Students

Completion of the Data Analytics Honors Program will be certified on a student’s transcript after all degree requirements have been met in addition to the following:

  • B or better grade in all required program-level courses
  • 3.25 or better overall major GPA (ACC or BUS or EC/ECG courses)
  • 3.25 or better overall GPA

Program Director

Poole College of Management students with questions or interest in applying to the Business Analytics Honors Program should contact