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Impact of Humans on the Natural Environment Thematic Track


In this thematic track, students should seek to address the relationship between humans and their impact on the natural environment. Consider the following in selection of courses within this theme:

  • Explore the importance of the environment and how it specifically relates to different societies and cultures in a global context.
  • Assess ways in which we can examine and manage our environmental resources wisely.
  • Analyze international development issues and ways in which humans can reduce their impact on the environment.
  • Illustrate how an appreciation of the natural environment can produce environmental sustainability.


GEP Humanities and Social Science Courses

Choose at least one of the following


Course Course Title GEP Category(ies)
ARE 309* Environmental Law & Economic Policy SS
LAR 221 Introduction to Environment and Behavior for Designers HUM
PS 320 U.S. Environmental Law and Politics SS
PS 336 Global Environmental Politics SS, GK
SOC 342* International Development SS, GK
SOC 351* Population and Planning SS, GK


GEP Natural Sciences and Mathematics Courses

Choose at least one of the following


Course Course Title GEP Category(ies)
MEA100* Earth System Science: Exploring the Connections NS
PCC 401* Impact of Industry on the Environment and Society NS
TOX 201 Poisons, People and the Environment NS


Additional related GEP Courses

Course Course Title GEP Category(ies)
ARE/EC 336* Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics IP
ARE/EC 436* Environmental Economics IP
HI 440* American Environmental History IP
IDS 201 Environmental Ethics IP, GK
IDS/NR 303 Humans and the Environment IP
LAR 444 History of Landscape Architecture VPA
MEA 140 Natural Hazards and Global Change NS
SOC 450* Environmental Sociology IP
STS 484 Cross Cultural Technology Transfer  

*Course has a pre-requisite

GEP Category Abbreviations:
HUM: Course fulfills a GEP Humanities requirement
SS: Course fulfills a GEP Social Sciences requirement
NS: Course fulfills a GEP Natural Sciences requirement
IP: Course fulfills a GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement
GK:  Course also fulfills the GEP Global Knowledge co-requisite
USD: Course also fulfills the GEP U.S. Diversity co-requisite


(Revised 07.25.2014)