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Global Health Thematic Track


The Global Health theme aims to raise appreciation and understanding of how global fitness, health, and medical issues affect the everyday lives of individuals, and how we may influence society to create a healthier world. Global Health is also an essential component of developmental aid programs. Consider the following in selection of courses within this theme:

  • Explore population health and fitness in a global context to concerns of particular nations.
  • Review developed versus developing countries, along with demographics, economics, epidemiology, political economy and sociology.
  • Look at the rise in importance of medical assistance beyond government agencies or intergovernmental organizations.
  • Reflect on how you influence and focus on the distribution of health in an international context.
  • Look at ways to implement a national health plan in a developed versus a developing country.

GEP Humanities and Social Science Courses

Choose at least one of the following:

Course Course Title GEP Category(ies)
ANT 251 Physical Anthropology SS
ANT 371* Human Variation SS, GK
EC 437* Health Economics SS
ENG 232 Literature and Medicine HUM
PRT 200 Leisure Behavior, Health and Wellness SS
SOC 342* International Development SS, GK
SOC 351* Population and Planning SS, GK

GEP Natural Sciences and Mathematics Courses

Choose at least one of the following:

Course Course Title GEP Category
BIO 212* Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology NS
FS 201 Introduction to Food Science NS
GN 301 Genetics in Human Affairs NS
MB 200 Microbiology and World Affairs NS
NTR/ANS/FS 301* Introduction to Human Nutrition NS
TOX 201 Poisons, People and the Environment NS

Additional related GEP Courses

Course Course Title GEP Category(ies)
SOC 381* Sociology of Medicine IP
STS 323 World Population and Food Prospects IP, GK
STS/PHI 325 Bio-Medical Ethics IP, HUM

*Course has a pre-requisite


GEP Category Abbreviations:
HUM: Course fulfills a GEP Humanities requirement
SS: Course fulfills a GEP Social Sciences requirement
NS:  Course fulfills a GEP Natural Sciences requirement
MA:  Course fulfills a GEP Mathematical Sciences requirement
IP: Course fulfills a GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement
GK:  Course also fulfills the GEP Global Knowledge co-requisite
USD:  Course also fulfills the GEP U.S. Diversity co-requisite


(Revised 07.25.2014)