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Gender and Society Thematic Track


This theme focuses on the roles of human gender identities and examines the influence of gender on society. It would include educational, biological, psychological, and social aspects of gender, as well as the role that these constructs have played in history, society and cultural expression. To understand this theme in more depth students are encouraged to include one or more of the following:

  • Explore gender identity development.
  • Differentiate private gender identity from public gender expression.
  • Explore cultural implications of gender in different societies.
  • Analyze how gender affects learning and the learning environment.
  • Analyze the roles and impact that gender has on other identities, such as, race and ethnicity.
  • Critically analyze the impact of gender identity/gender expression in the schools, the workplace, and other institutions.
  • Analyze the connections among the scientific, social, and cultural issues that make gender identity so significant in a modern society.

GEP Humanities and Social Science Courses

Choose at least one of the following:

Course Course Title GEP Category (ies)
ANT 252 Cultural Anthropology SS, GK
ENG/WGS 305* Women in Literature HUM, USD
HI 412* The Sexes and Society in Early-Modern Europe HUM, GK
HI 423* Women in European Enlightenment HUM, GK
HI/WGS 447* History of American Women to 1900 USD
HI/WGS 448* American Women in the Twentieth Century USD
HI 452* Recent America HUM
HI 457* Twentieth-Century U.S. Intellectual History HUM
HI 462* Southern History since the Civil War HUM, USD
HI 477* Women in the Middle East HUM, GK
PS 204 Problems of American Democracy SS
PS 205 Law and Justice SS
PS 309 Equality and Justice in United States Law SS, USD
PSY/WGS 406* Psychology of Gender SS, USD
REL/WGS 472* Women and Religion HUM
SOC 203 Current Social Problems SS, USD
SOC/WGS 204 Sociology of Family SS, USD
SOC/WGS 304* Women and Men in Society SS, USD
WGS 492* Theoretical Issues in Women’s and Gender Studies HUM, USD

GEP Natural Sciences and Mathematics Courses

Choose at least one of the following:

Course Course Title GEP Category
BIO 105 Biology in the Modern World NS
BIO 181 Introductory Biology: Ecology, Evolution, and Biodiversity NS
BIO 212* Basic Human Anatomy and Physiology NS
GN 301 Genetics in Human Affairs NS
ST 101 Statistics by Example MA
ST 311 Introduction to Statistics MA
ST 361* Introduction to Statistics for Engineers MA
ST/BUS 350* Economics and Business Statistics MA

Additional associated GEP Courses

Course Course Title GEP Category (ies)
STS/WGS 210 Women and Gender in Science and Technology IP, USD
WGS 200 Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies USD
WGS/MUS 360 Women In Music USD, VPA

*Course has a pre-requisite

GEP Category Abbreviations:
HUM: Course fulfills a GEP Humanities requirement
SS: Course fulfills a GEP Social Sciences requirement
NS:  Course fulfills a GEP Natural Sciences requirement
MA:  Course fulfills a GEP Mathematical Sciences requirement
IP: Course fulfills a GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement
VPA:  Course fulfills the GEP Additional Breadth chosen from the HUM/SS/VPA lists if applicable to your major
GK:  Course also fulfills the GEP Global Knowledge co-requisite
USD:  Course also fulfills the GEP U.S. Diversity co-requisite


(Revised 07.25.2014)