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Fast Facts – Office of Undergraduate Courses, Curricula, and Academic Standards


  • Li Marcus
  • Lexi Hergeth
    University Program Associate
  • Annabel Breen
    Student Worker

During the 2019-2020 Academic Year

The Office engaged in projects including:

  • CourseLeaf CAT university catalog implementation with Registration and Records and the Graduate School to combine information for students and fold in curricular information in a central location for students.
  • CourseLeaf CIM for Programs implementation with Registration and Records and the Graduate School to form a centralized system for colleges to update and publish current and correct curricular information for students.
  • Developing training regarding topics such as the consultation process, syllabus review, and committee processes
  • Expanding training to include synchronous online offerings in addition to in-person and online asynchronous options
  • Completed the GER>GEP review project with CUE, finishing the review of existing courses for inclusion in the GEP since the 2009 changeover.
  • Working with University College committees including Operations, Marketing & PR, and Teaching and Instruction to examine, discuss, and recommend additions or improvements to UC shared practices.

CUE reviewed the following:

  • 20 new courses for the General Education Program
  • 16 existing courses were added to the General Education Program
  • 98 courses reviewed to remain part of the General Education Program
  • 16 courses reviewed to be dropped from the General Education Program
  • 45 Honors and GEP Special Topics Offerings were reviewed for experimental inclusion with the General Education Program

UCCC reviewed the following:


  • 88 new undergraduate courses were reviewed
  • 269 undergraduate courses were reviewed for edits
  • 27 undergraduate courses were dropped


  • 1 new degree was created
  • 1 new first year program was created
  • 2 new certificates were created
  • 5 new concentrations were created
  • 3 new minors were created
  • 2 new prefixes were created
  • 98 curricula were revised (many due to the 120-hour requirement from the UNC System Office)
  • 4 curricula were discontinued (plans,suplans, minors, prefix)