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Fast Facts

During the 2020-2021 Academic Year


  • Li Marcus
  • Lexi Hergeth
    University Program Associate
  • Annabel Breen
    Student Intern


OUCCAS staff engaged in projects including:

  • Provide training and publication of the CourseLeaf CAT university catalog implementation with Registration and Records and the Graduate School to combine information for students and fold in curricular information in a central location for students.
  • CourseLeaf CIM for Programs implementation with Registration and Records and the Graduate School to form a centralized system for colleges to update and publish current and correct curricular information for students.
  • Developing training regarding topics such as the consultation process, syllabus review, and committee processes
  • Adding synchronous online training and ensuring that asynchronous training is accessible with an eye towards universal design.
  • Working with University College committees including Operations, Marketing & PR, and Teaching and Instruction to examine, discuss, and recommend additions or improvements to UC shared practices.
  • Working with CUE to review and clarify existing GEP USD parameters as well as support faculty development of a new and updated USDEI GEP requirement.
  • Working with UCCC to discuss the facets of syllabi development, update, dissemination, review, and training, resulting in the creation of two websites for reference and information for faculty and students as well as a training working group across three divisions.

CUE reviewed the following:

ACTIONCUE 2020-2021
Existing Course New to GEP4 New to GEP
New Course New to GEP12 New Courses + 18 Special Topics 1st Offering
Cross-listed Courses12 
Honors/Special Topics Shell Offerings24 = 12 HON + 12 Special Topics 
Special Topic Offerings1st Offering [18] + 2nd Offering [4] + 3rd Offering [2]
Courses Dropping GEP/ Dropped Courses1 GEP Removed + 0 courses dropped
Total Courses84

UCCC reviewed the following:

ACTIONUCCC 2020-2021
New Courses48
Revised Courses171
Dropped Courses11
Ownership Change3
New Curricula 3
New Prefix3
Revised Curricula79
Honors Programs Revision1  Biomedical Engineering Honors Program