Course Approval

All course proposals including new courses, course edits, and courses for the general education program will be processed using the new CourseLeaf Curriculum Inventory Management system referred to as CIM. After logging in to CIM, search for your course to make the needed edits or click on the new course proposal button for a new course form. After completion, submit into the approval workflow.

Courses run through the Course Approval Process.

Log into MyPack Portal and locate CIM links in your NavBar:Navigator on the right side:

Course changes will fall under a minor edit, which are small changes to the course description, title, prerequisite, or scheduling or a major edit, which indicate changes to the content and/or structure of the course. Both major and minor edits will go through UCCC and CUE for review.

Please note that if a number of these fields are edited, or if a single edit suggests a major change, the action may need to be changed to major.

Minor Edits:

  • Basic revision in pre-requisites, co-requisites, or restrictions
  • Basic revision in course prefix or number
  • Basic revision in course title/abbreviated title
  • Change in semester scheduling
  • Change in grading method (from letter-grading to S/U grading)
  • Basic revision in catalog description
  • Adding or removing a cross-listing
  • Removing a GEP attribute from an existing GEP course

A MAJOR edit is anything not included in the list above.


CIM Help GuidesCC.wolf.341

Please have your syllabus ready. For the initial implementation of CIM, in order to submit a new course or to enter course revisions, all course data must be entered into the CIM course form. Even for a minor edit you will first have to complete all course fields outlined in red on the form.

Additional Information

Questions and Help

For contacting the NCSU CIM Admin Team, send email to and the Undergraduate or Graduate Curriculum Office will respond.College Liaisons help facilitate the courses and curriculum process in your collage and should be notified of issues related CIM in your department: