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Conservation of Natural Resources Thematic Track


In the Conservation of Natural Resources theme, students should reflect on the challenge of maintaining a sustainable ongoing relationship between humans and the natural world. Students are encouraged to expand the thematic track to reflect on and include any or all of the following:

  • Assess the importance of natural resources for different societies and cultures.
  • Examine efforts to manage our resources wisely.
  • Reflect on how we may enable individuals and society to be a non-destructive part of the natural world.

GEP Humanities and Social Science Courses

Choose at least one of the following


Course Course Title GEP Category (ies)
ARE 201 Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics SS
ARE 309 Environmental Law & Economic Policy SS
ENG 233 The Literature of Agriculture HUM
NR 460 Renewable Natural Resource Management and Policy SS
SOC/ANT 261 Technology in Society and Culture SS, GK
SOC 342 International Development SS, GK
SOC 351 Population and Planning SS, GK

GEP Natural Sciences and Mathematics Courses

Choose at least one of the following


Course Course Title GEP Category
CS 312* Grassland Management for Natural Resources Conservation NS
FOR 252 Introduction to Forest Science NS
FW 403* Urban Wildlife Management NS
FW/FOR 221
(BIO crosslisting removed)
Conservation of Natural Resources NS
SSC 361 Role of Soils in Environmental Management NS

Additional Associated GEP Courses

Course Course Title GEP Category (ies)
ARE/EC 336* Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics IP
CS 230* Introduction to Agroecology IP,GK
FOR 220 Urban and Community Forestry IP
FOR 248 Forest History, Technology and Society IP
FOR 330 North Carolina Forests IP
FOR 414 World Forestry IP, GK
HI 440* American Environmental History IP
NR 406* Conservation of Biological Diversity IP
NR/IDS 303 Humans and the Environment IP
SSC 185 Land and Life IP
STS 301* Science and Civilization IP
STS 304 Ethical Dimensions of Progress IP

*Course has a pre-requisite

GEP Category Abbreviations:
HUM: Course fulfills a GEP Humanities requirement
SS: Course fulfills a GEP Social Sciences requirement
NS: Course fulfills a GEP Natural Sciences requirement
IP: Course fulfills a GEP Interdisciplinary Perspectives requirement
GK:  Course also fulfills the GEP Global Knowledge co-requisite
USD: Course also fulfills the GEP U.S. Diversity co-requisite


(Revised 07.25.2014)