World Cultural Literacy (16WCLM)


In keeping with the University’s mission to provide an international curriculum, the World Literature minor offers N.C. State students (excluding English majors in Literature concentration) an opportunity to study literature and cultures outside the Anglo-American tradition. Students will develop critical and analytical skills and enhance the global perspective essential in today’s job market. The minor offers choices from a range of courses that include film, animation, illustrations, texts, lyrics, and popular cultural references. Readings are in English translation, but original texts supplied on request. Many World Cultural Literacy courses are cross-listed in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures and the English Department.


  • This minor is open to NC State students, except 16ENGLBA, 16ENGLLT (Literature Concentration) majors.
  • Completion of 15 credit hours.
  • Students may transfer in no more than six (6) hours of courses toward the minor.
  • Must have an overall 2.0 GPA in the minor and may count no course grade lower than a ‘C-‘.
  • A maximum of TWO (2) courses may be used (double-counted) towards both departmental major requirements and minor requirements.
  • No courses for the minor may be taken for S/U credit.

Courses (15 credit hours)

  • At least two (2) courses at or above the 300 level from the World Cultural Literacy list (6 credit hours)
  • Two (2) additional courses chosen from the World Cultural Literacy list (6 credit hours)
  • One (1) course from the Related Cultural Courses list, from the disciplines of Art History, History, Music, Philosophy, or Religious Studies. Choices must follow non Anglo-American parameters


  • No language courses are required. However, one FL_ 200 level or above may count towards minor electives with approval.
  • Courses to be chosen from the approved World Cultural Literacy Courses list and the Related Cultural Courses list; however, the minor advisor may approve exceptions, dependent on course content.

World Cultural Literacy Courses (12 hours)

  • CLA 210 Classical Mythology
  • CLA 215 The Ancient World in Modern Media
  • CLA 320 Masterpieces of Classical Literature
  • CLA 325 Gender, Ethnicity & Identity in the Ancient World
  • ENG 255 Beyond Britain Literature from the Colonies
  • ENG 329 Language and Globalization
  • ENG/AFS 349 African Literature in English
  • ENG 466 Transatlantic Literature
  • ENG 492 Topics in Film (pre-approval by minor advisor required)
  • FL 216 Art and Society in France
  • FL/ENG 219 Traditional Non-Western Literature
  • FL/ENG 220 Studies in Great World of Western Literature
  • FL/ENG 221 Literature of the Western World I
  • FL/ENG 222 Literature of the Western World II
  • FL/ENG 223 Contemporary World Literature I
  • FL/ENG 224 Contemporary World Literature Il
  • FL/ENG 246 Literature of the Holocaust
  • FL/ENG 275 Literature and War
  • FLR 303 Russian Literature in Translation: The Nineteenth Century
  • FLR 304 Russian Literature in Translation: The Twentieth Century
  • FLR 318 Russian Cinema and Society
  • FL/ENG 392 Major World Author
  • FL/ENG 393 Studies in Literary Genre
  • FL/ENG 394 Studies in World Literature
  • FL/ENG 406 Modernism
  • FL/ENG 407 Postmodernism
  • FL 495 Special Topics in Foreign Languages and Literatures
  • FL/ENG 539 Seminar in World Literature (requires permission)

Related Cultural Courses (3 hours)

  • HA 201 History of Art from Ancient Greece through the Renaissance
  • HA 202 History of Art from the Renaissance through the 20th Century
  • HA 298 Special Topics in Art History (pre-approval by minor advisor required)
  • HI 207 Ancient Mediterranean World
  • HI 208 The Middle Ages
  • HI 209 From Renaissance to Revolution, the Origins of Modem Europe
  • HI 210 Modern Europe 1815 to the Present
  • HI 214 History and Archaeology of Ancient Latin America
  • HI 215 Latin America to 1826
  • HI 216 Latin America since 1826
  • HI 217 Caribbean History
  • HI 263 Asian Civilizations to 1800
  • HI 264 Modern Asia: I 800 to Present
  • HI 270 Modern Middle East
  • HI 275 Introduction to History of South and East Africa
  • HI 276 Introduction to History of West Africa
  • HI 370 Modern Egypt
  • HI 371 Modern Japan
  • HI 374 Visual Culture of Modem South Asia
  • HI 400 level and above (pre-approval by minor advisor required)
  • MUS 200 Understanding Music: Global Perspectives
  • MUS 201 Introduction to Music Literature I
  • MUS 202 Introduction to Music Literature II
  • PHI 300 Ancient Philosophy
  • PHI 301 Early Modern Philosophy
  • PHI 302 19th Century Philosophy
  • PHI 310 Existentialism
  • PHI 401 Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason
  • REL 210 Religious Traditions of the World
  • REL 230 Asian Religions
  • REL 311 Introduction to the Old Testament
  • REL 312 Introduction to the New Testament
  • REL 317 Christianity
  • REL 331 The Hindu Tradition
  • REL 332 The Buddhist Traditions
  • REL 333 Chinese Religions
  • REL 334 Japanese Religions
  • REL 340 Islam
  • REL 350 Introduction to Judaism
  • REL 383 Religion, Globalism, and Justice
  • REL 407 Islamic History to 1798
  • REL 408 Islamic in the Modem World
  • REL 412 Advanced Readings in the Christian Gospels
  • REL 413 The Life and Letters of the Apostle Paul


This minor is open to all NC State students, except English majors in the Literature concentration (16ENGLBA I6ENGLLLT). Consult with the major advisor for approval of the minor program. Meet with the minor advisor to develop a plan of study indicating required courses and expected dates of completion. A copy of the student’s minor plan of study will be kept on file in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.


Paperwork for certification should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State. Students should meet with the Coordinator of Advising, Ms. Susan Navey-Davis (919.515.9288),, 321 Withers), to complete the final certification. Students will receive official recognition on their transcript for the completed minor.


Dr. Meredith Fosque
418 Withers
SIS Code: 16WCLM