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Undergraduate Honors Programs

Guidelines for Developing and Revising College and Departmental Honors Programs

The following Guidelines were developed by the University Honors Council and endorsed by the College Curriculum Committees and the University Courses and Curricula Committee and approved by the Provost in September 1990.

    • Honors programs will have a minimum admission requirement of a 3.25 overall GPA and a 3.25 major GPA after at least 9 hours of coursework required for the major or other coursework approved by the major department. Each college should establish minimum admissions criteria for its honors programs sufficiently distinctive that eligibility for admission would be limited to not more than the top 25% of the sophomore class of that college.

A minimum of 9 credit hours in courses numbered 300 or above drawn from at least two of the three following categories:

  1. Special courses for Honors students, either courses open only to Honors students or Honors (H) sections of regularly-offered courses or Honors options in regularly-offered courses or regularly-offered courses that departments or colleges designate as appropriate for their Honors programs.
  2. Advanced courses, 500-level courses that are taken as electives or as substitutes for lower-level courses
  3. Independent studies that can take on a variety of forms: a senior thesis or paper, a project and project report, lab work and lab report, a group of individual tutorial guided by a faculty member.