Academic Minors

The academic minors posted on this website have been approved by the university. Successful completion of a minor will be noted on the student’s transcript upon graduation and must be completed at the time of graduation. Students cannot obtain a minor in their major or other majors as specified in the minor posting. Application for admission to any University minor program is now available via MyPack Portal.
Admission will be based upon the student’s academic record, and in most cases no longer requires departmental review.
To apply to Add a Minor, go to: To alter the minor contact information, please click here.

Title Contact Name Contact Address
Accounting (20AM) 2150 Nelson Hall, 919.515.5565,
Africana Studies (16ASM)
Dr. Haddy Njie
1911 Building, Office 107-C,
Agricultural and Environmental Technology (11AEM) S. Andrew Hale 108 Weaver Labs, 919.515.6760,
Agricultural Business Management (11AMM) Dr. John S. Russ 3346 Nelson Hall, 919.515.4677,
Agricultural Entrepreneurship (11AGENT) Dr. John S. Russ 3346 Nelson Hall, 919.515.4677,
Agroecology (11AGECM) Undergraduate Programs Office 2234 Williams Hall, 919.515.5820,
American Literature (16ALM) Allen Stein 121 Tompkins Hall, 919.515.4134,
Animal Science (11ANM) Melissa Merrill 342 Riddick Hall, 919.515.3028,
Anthropology (16AYM) Stephanie Jares
1911 Building, Office 334B, 919.515.3116,
Applied Ecology (11AECM) Erin McKenney 126 David Clark Laboratory,
Art and Design (12DNM) Kathleen Rieder 215B Brooks Hall, 919.515.2079,
Arts Entrepreneurship (24EMAM) Gary D. Beckman Campus Box 7311, 919.515.1637,
Arts Studies (16ARTM) Dr. Rodney Waschka 101B Winston Hall, 919.515.5464,
Biological Sciences (17BLM) Dennis Kauffman 2727 Bostian Hall, 919.515.3341,
Biomanufacturing (14BTECM) Pa Nhia Moore 195 BTEC Bldg, Centennial Campus, 919.515.0213,
Biotechnology (11BIM) Carlos Goller Robert M. Kelly 6102 Jordan Hall, 919.513.4135, Partners II Bldg., Room 3309, 919.515.6396,
Business Administration (20BMM) 2150 Nelson Hall , 919.515.5565,
Business Entrepreneurship (20BEM) 2150 Nelson Hall 919.515.5565,
Chemical Engineering (14CMM) Lisa Bullard 2012 Engineering Building I, 919.515.7455,
Chinese Studies (16CIM) Nathaniel Isaacson 208 Withers Hall, 919.515.0367,
Classical Studies (16CSM) Gary Mathews 227 Withers Hall, 919-515-9306,
Coaching Education (24CAM) Suzanne Williams 1309 Carmichael Gymnasium, 919.515.3361,
Cognitive Science (16CNM) Catherine Driscoll 434-B Withers Hall, 919.513.7846,
Computer Programming (14CPM) ToniAnn Marini Daniels Hall 219-A, 919.515.7920,
Creative Writing (16CWM) Wilton Barnhardt 276A Tompkins Hall, 919.515.4129,
Criminology (16CLM) Stephanie Jares 1911 Building, Office 334B, 919.515.3116,
Crop Science (11CSM) Undergraduate Programs Office 2234 Williams Hall, 919.515.5820,
Dance (24DANM) Autumn Belk 1309-B Carmichael Gym, 919.515.1549,
No New Admissions Design Studies (12DSM) Kathleen Rieder 215B Brooks Hall, 919.515.2095,
Economics (20ECM) 2150 Nelson Hall, 919.515.5565,
English (16ENGLM) Barbara Bennett 268 Tompkins Hall, 919.515.4167,
Entomology (11ENM) David Orr 2104 Gardner Hall, 919.515.4684,
Environmental Education (15EEDM) Kathryn Stevenson Biltmore 4008D, Box 8004, 919.515.2739,
Environmental Sciences (15EVM) Erin A. Champion 3136B Jordan Hall, 919.513.2520,
Environmental Toxicology (17ETM) Dr. Elizabeth Ellen Thompson

2202 Toxicology Building, 919.515.9774,
Ethics (16ETHM) Dr. Timothy Hinton 456 Withers Hall, 919.513.7941,
Evolutionary Biology (17EVOM)

Dennis Kauffman

Dr. Brian Langerhans

Bostian Hall 2727, 919.515.3341, David Clark Labs 246, 919.515.3314,
Extension Education (11EXTEDM) Joseph Donaldson 202 Ricks Hall, 919.515.1758,
Feed Milling (11FEM) Dr. Adam Fahrenholz 234C Scott Hall, 919.515.5408,
Film Studies (16FSM) Dr. Marsha Gordon 257 Tompkins Hall, 919.515.4164
Fisheries Sciences (15FSCIM)-no new admits Dr. Lara Pacifici 3115 Jordan Hall, 919.515.3431,
Fitness Leadership (24FLM) – no new admits Nita Horne 2019 Carmichael Gymnasium, 919.515.6382,
Food Science (11FDM) Dr. Keith Harris 116B Schaub Food Science Bldg., 919.513.2124,
Forensic Science (17FSCM)

Dennis Kauffman

Dr. Ann Ross

Bostian Hall 2727, 919.515.3341, David Clark Labs 140, 919.515.3122
Forest Management (15FGM) Dr. Gary Blank Jordan Hall Addition 5229, 919.513.7617,
French (16FRNCHM) Scott Despain 319 Withers Hall, 919.513.1482,
Genetics (17GNM) Betty Gardner 2526A Thomas Hall, 919.515.5776,
Geology (17GM) Karl Wegmann 2123 Jordan Hall, 919.515.0380
German (16GRM) Lutz Kube 225 Withers Hall, 919.515.9280,
Global Health (17GHM) Dennis Kauffman Bostian Hall 2727, 919.515.3341,
Global Leadership and Team Decision-Making Debbie Reno Acker 4100 Hunt Library, 919.513.0148,
Graphic Communications (13GCM) John Parks Newby
510-C Poe Hall, 919.515.1065,
Health (24HLTHM) Christopher S. Ousley 1309 Carmichael Gymnasium, 919.515.3361,
Health, Medicine and Human Values (16HMM) Gary L. Comstock 458 Withers Hall, 919.515.6173,
Health Physics Minor (14HPM) Robert Hayes 2101 Burlington Engineering Laboratories, 919.515.2321,
Hindi-Urdu (16HINDIM) Sujata S. Mody 417 Withers Hall, 919.515.9315,
History (16HIM) Dean Bruno 265 Withers Hall, 919.513.2217,
Horticultural Science (11HSM) Helen Kraus 114 Kilgore Hall, 919.515.1208,
Industrial Engineering (14IEM) Kanton Reynolds Daniels Hall 441B, 919.515.0605,
International Studies (16ISM) Dr. Haddy Njie 107-C 1911 Bldg., 919.515.0448,
Italian Studies (16ITM) Anna Rita Bonaduce-Dresler 222 Withers Hall, 919.515.9294,
Japan Studies (16JSM) John Mertz 402 Withers Hall, 919.515.9297,
Japanese (16JPM) John Mertz 402 Withers Hall, 919.515.9297,
Jewish Studies (16JSTM) Dr. Verena Kasper-Marienberg Withers 474, Campus Box 8018
Journalism (16JOM) Paul Isom 101 Tompkins Hall, 205-617-4400,
Landscape Architecture (12LND) Meg Calkins 215D Brooks Hall, 919.515.8342,
Law and Justice (16LJM) Susan Lawhead 228 Caldwell Hall, 919.515.5025,
Leadership in Agriculture and Life Sciences (11AGLDM) Dr. Jackie Bruce 213 Ricks Hall, 919.515.8801,
Leadership: Cross Disciplinary Perspectives (24SLC) Dr. Debbie Acker 4100 Hunt Library, 919.513.0148,
Linguistics (16LIM) Dr. Jeffrey Reaser 285 Tompkins Hall, 919.515.4176,
Logic and Methodology (16LOGM) Kevin Richardson 457 Withers Hall, 919.515.6331,
Marine Science (17MRM) Dr. Carrie Thomas 4136 Jordan Hall, 919.515.7839,
Materials Science & Engineering (14MTM)

Dr. Yara Yingling

Hillary Stone

EB1 3028B, 919.513.2624,

Mathematics (17MAM) Brenda Burns Williams 3242 SAS Hall, 919.513.2114,
Meteorology (17MYM) Matt Parker 5149 Jordan Hall, 919.513.4367,
Microbiology (17MBM) Jonathan Olson 4544B Thomas Hall, 919.515.7860,
Middle East Studies (16MLESTM) Jodi Stewart Khater 411 Withers Hall, 919.515.2509,
Military Studies: Aerospace Studies (24MSASM) Lt. Col John J. Dumont III Reynolds Coliseum Suite 137, 919.515.2417,
Military Studies: Military Science (24MSMSM) Eric Pendleton Reynolds Coliseum Room, 919.515.0861,
Military Studies: Naval Science (24MSNSM) Captain Andrew Hertel Reynolds Coliseum Room, 919.515.8931,
Music (24MUM) Daniel Monek 203 Price Music Center, 919.515.1692,
Nano-Science and Technology (14NSTM)

Mehmet C. Ozturk

Elena Nicolescu Veety

Monteith Engineering Res. Ctr. 322-C, 919.515.5245,

Monteith Engineering Res. Ctr. 449, 919.513.0178,

Native American Studies (16NAMSTM) Dr. Judy Kertesz 369 Withers Hall, Campus Box 8108, 919.513.2111,
Nonprofit Studies (16NPM) Program Manager 5137 James B. Hunt Library, Centennial Campus,
Box 7011
Nonwovens (18NONWOVM)  *Admissions on Hold Russell Gorga College of Textiles 3267, 919.515.6553,
Nuclear Engineering (14NEM) J. Michael Doster 2107 Burlington Engineering Laboratories, 919.515.3658,
Nutrition (11NTM) Dr. Natalie Cooke 218A Schaub Hall, 919.515.0287,
Outdoor Leadership (24OLM) Terry Dash 1309 Carmichael Gymnasium, 919.515.3361,
Paleontology (17PALM) Dennis Kauffman Bostian Hall 2727, 919.515.3341,
Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management (15PRM) Dr. Kim Bush 4012F Biltmore Hall, 919.515.3688,
Philosophy (16PHM) Dr. John W. Carroll  457 Withers Hall, 919.515.6140,
Physics (17PYSM) Rhonda Bennett 204 Riddick Hall, 919.513.2182,
Plant Biology (11PBM) Chad V. Jordan 2214-A Gardner Hall, 919.515.2222,
Political Science (16OSM) Susan Lawhead 228 Caldwell Hall, 919.515.5025,
Polymer and Color Chemistry (18PCCM) Russell Gorga College of Textiles 3267, 919.515.6553,
Polymer Science (18POLYM) Russell Gorga College of Textiles 3267, 919.515.6553,
Portuguese Studies (16PORTM) Dr. Irwin Stern Withers Hall 223, Campus Box 8106, 919.515.3297,
Poultry Science (11POM) Lynn Worley-Davis 919.515.6852,
Psychology (16PCM) Dr. Dana Kotter-Gruehn 639 Poe Hall, 919.513.4855,
Pulp and Paper Technology (15PPM) Dr. Med Byrd Pulp & Paper Labs 2205, 919.515.5790
Religious Studies (16RSM) Dr. Jason C. Bivins 447 Withers, 919.515.6102,
Renewable Energy Assessment (15REAM) Dr. Elizabeth Guthrie Nichols Campus Box 8006 Room 2225 Jordan Addition,, 919.513.4832
Russian Studies (16RUM) Vladimir Bilenkin 409 Withers Hall, 919.515.9316,
Science Communication (16SCM) Dr. Andrew R. Binder 201 Winston Hall, 919.515.9750
Science, Technology, and Society (16STM) Dr. Jason Delborne Jordan Hall Addition 5221, Box 8008
Social Work (16SWM) Suzy Lamb 1911 Building, Room 205C, 919.513.7955,
Sociology (16SOM) Stephanie Jares 1911 Building, Office 334B, 919.515.3116,
Soil Science (11SSM) Undergraduate Programs Office 2234 Williams Hall, 919.515.5820,
Spanish (16SPM) Dr. Mark Darhower 405 Withers Hall Campus Box 8106, 919.513.4807
Sports Science (24SPSM) Darrin DeReu 1309 Carmichael Gym, 919.515.3361,
Statistics (17STM) Spencer Muse 5276 SAS Hall, 919.515.1948,
Supply Chain Engineering (14SCEM) Kanton Reynolds Edward P. Fitts Department of Industrial & Systems Engineering, 919.515.0605,
Sustainable Energy (15SEM) (No new admits) Jordan Kern Jordan Hall Addition 2225, Box 8008, 919.515.3617,
Sustainable Materials and Technology (15SMTM) Perry Peralta 1022 Biltmore Hall, 919.515.5731
Teaching English as a Foreign Language (16TEFLM) Jillian S. Haeseler 325 Withers Hall, 919.515.9299
Technical and Scientific Communication (16TSM) Huiling Ding 131-C Tompkins Hall. 919.515.4120
Technology, Engineering and Design Education (13TEM) Nolan Fahrer 510F Poe Hall, 919.515.1741,
Textile Technology (18TTM) Russell Gorga College of Textiles 3267, 919.515.6553,
Theatre (24THM) Mia Self 201 Thompson Hall, 919.515.3147,
Tissue Engineering (14TISSEGRM) Lesley Hubbard Engineering Building 3, Room 4014, 919.515.6732
Turfgrass (11TFGM) Crop & Soil Sciences Department 2234 Williams Hall, 919.515.5820,
Wetland Assessment (15WAM) Dr. Ryan Emanuel 2217 Jordan Hall, 919.513.2511,
Wildlife Sciences (15WSCIM) Dr. Lara Pacifici 3115 Jordan Hall, 919.515.3431
Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (16WGM) Dr. Elizabeth Atwood Nelson 107 Winston Hall, 919.513.4340,
Wood Products (15WPM) – No New Admits – See Sustainable Materials & Technology Minor Dr. Perry Peralta 1022 Biltmore Hall, 919.515.5731
World Cultural Literacy (16WCLM) Dr. Meredith Fosque 418 Withers Hall, 919.513.7034,
Zoology (17ZOM) Jenny Campbell 120 David Clark Labs, 919.513.7570,