Turfgrass (11TFGM)


This minor is open to all undergraduate students except those with a major in Turfgrass Science. It is designed for students majoring in Plant and Soil Sciences, Biological Sciences, Horticultural Science, Parks & Recreation and related disciplines but will be of interest to a wide variety of students desiring expertise in establishing and maintaining turfgrass areas. Students will gain an understanding of the techniques required to successfully establish and manage turfgrasses commonly grown throughout the United States. This knowledge will improve the student’s ability to provide high quality turfgrass cover for a variety of situations including home lawns, commercial grounds, parks and other areas.


The Turfgrass Science minor requires a minimum of 16 hours. Students are required to complete 11 credits of required courses and enough elective courses to total at least 16 credit hours. A minimum grade of ‘C-‘ or better is required in each course selected. No courses for the minor may be taken using the S/U option. The minor should be declared at the time the student accumulates 60-70 credit hours.

Required Courses (11 credit hours)

  • CS 200 Intro. Turfgrass Management (4 cr)
  • CS 400 Turf Cultural Systems (3 cr)
  • SSC 200 Soil Science (3 cr)
  • SSC 201 Soil Science Laboratory (1 cr)

Elective Courses (minimum of 5 credit hours)

  • CS 414 Weed Science (4 cr)
  • CS 465 Environmental Issues in Turf Management (3 cr)
  • CS 470 Turfgrass Pest Managment (2 cr)
  • ENT 425 General Entomology (3 cr)
  • PP 315 Principles of Plant Pathology (4 cr)
  • SSC 341 Soil Fertility & Fertilizers (3 cr) AND SSC 342 Soil Fertility Lab (1 cr)

Requirements for Admission & Completion

1. Students wishing to complete an academic minor in Turfgrass Science must complete the Application for Turfgrass Science Minor form available from the minor program administrator, 1207 Williams Hall, or a form can be e-mailed upon request.
2. An advisor, who will oversee admission to the minor program and certify completion of the minor, will be assigned by the program administrator. Students enrolled in the minor must consult with their minor advisors during each registration period.
3. Upon recommendation by the student’s minor advisor, the program administrator will ascertain if the requirements of the minor have been fulfilled and recommend approval to the department head.
4. The signed minor application will be submitted to the Academic Programs office in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences by the department head.

Contact Person

Dr. Richard J. Cooper
1207 Williams Hall
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

SIS Code:  11TFGM