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  • Are the hours required to complete the curriculum 120 hours?
  • Does the curriculum require at least 27 hours in the proposed program area (apart from any college requirements)?
  • Is the 4-year curriculum attainable within 8 semesters?
  • Is the course load evenly distributed over the eight semesters with a range of 15-17 hours per term?
  • Is the curriculum appropriately-arranged so that the level of courses is consistent with the academic level of the student?
  • Does the sequence of courses provide the necessary pre-requisites in the time for later advanced coursework?
  • Are the courses normally offered in the semester in which they appear in the semester plan?
  • Does the curriculum provide reasonable transfer opportunities at the appropriate levels for students from other institutions or colleges, consistent with the goals of the program?
  • Have all of the necessary and appropriate inter-departmental or inter-college consultations been completed and the results been documented?
  • Have all of the general education program requirements been accounted for in the curriculum?