Textiles (TEX)

Plan Title SIS Code Effective Date
Anni Albers Program (BS)-No New Admissions 18TXTECHBS-18TXTECHAA 1.2010
Chemical Engineering (BS) & Textile Engineering (BS) 14CHEBS-14CHETE 1.2013
Fashion and Textile Design (BS): Fashion Design 18FTDBS-18FTDFAS 8.2019
Fashion and Textile Design (BS): Textile Design 18FTDBS-18FTDTEX 8.2019
Fashion and Textile Management (BS): Brand Management and Marketing 18FTMBS-18FTMBMM 8.2019
Fashion and Textile Management (BS): Fashion Development and Product Management 18FTMBS-18FTMFDP 8.2019
Polymer and Color Chemistry (BS):  American Chemical Society Certification 18PCCBS-18PCCACS 8.2019
Polymer and Color Chemistry (BS): Medical Sciences 18PCCBS-18PCCMED 8.2019
Polymer and Color Chemistry (BS):  Science and Operations 18PCCBS-18PCCSOP 8.2019
Textile Engineering (BS): Chemical Processing 18TEBS-18TECP 7.2009
Textile Engineering (BS): Information Systems 18TEBS-18TEIS 7.2009
Textile Engineering (BS): Machine Design 18TEBS-18TEMD 3.2009
Textile Engineering (BS):  Product Engineering 18TEBS-18TEPE 7.2009
Textile Technology (BS) 18TXTECHBS 8.2019
Textile Technology (BS): Medical Textiles 18TXTECHBS-18TXTECHMT 8.2019
Textile Technology (BS): Supply Chain Operations 18TXTECHBS-18TXTECHSC 8.2019
Textile Technology (BS): Technical Textiles 18TXTECHBS-18TXTECHTT 8.2019
Textile Technology (BS):  Textile Design-No New Admissions 18TXTECHBS-18TXTECHTD 7.2009