Swine Science


The Undergraduate Certificate in Swine Science program is the study of pork production and is available to post-secondary students interested in the pork industry. NCSU Animal Science majors can only complete the certificate by counting the courses to their Free Elective requirements as these courses will not count toward any Animal Science major requirements. The certificate is available via distance education. Students completing the certificate will have knowledge of all aspects of pork production, the pork industry, and factors that impact swine production and management. In addition, the U.S. Polk Center of Excellence located in Des Moines, Iowa will issue a certification of completion which is recognized in the pork industry as proficiency of swine practices.

Student Learning Outcomes

• Have a comprehensive knowledge or pork production and describe where pork production list within the animal agriculture industries in the United States and North Carolina.
• Describe production practices for all phases of production of swine. including the impacts of nutrition, physiology, and genetics on these practices.
• Understand diseases that affect swine and develop programs to eliminate or mitigate their impact.
• Identify key factors impacting the profitability of the pork industry, understand key records that need to be maintained in a production setting, and describe the markets available for swine and pork products.
• Understand the issues of pork production and effectively communicate with various constituencies regarding pork, pork production, and animal agriculture.


  All students must complete:

  • ANS 260 Basic Swine Science (ANS Students may use suitable substitute approved by certificate coordinator) – 2 credit hour
  • ANS 261-Swine Health and Biosecurity – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 268-Employee Management for the Swine Industry – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 269-lnternship In the Swine Industry – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 262-Swine Breeding and Gestation Management – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 263-Farrowfng Management – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 264-Swine Nursery and Finishing Management – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 265-Contemporary Issues In the Swine Industry – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 266-Swine Environment Management – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 267-Swine Manure and Nutrient Management – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 270-Pork Export Markets from a Swine Production Perspective – 1 credit hour
  • ANS 271-Swine Nutrition – 1 credit hour
  • FM 272-Swine Feed Mill Management – 1 credit hour
  • ARE 260-Marketing and Risk Management in the Pork Industry – 1 credit hour

Total Credit Hours Required: 15


Registration Information

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Kenneth L. Esbenshade
Department of Animal Science
Box 7621; 466B Riddick Hall
Raleigh, NC 27695-7621
Email: kesbensh@ncsu.edu 

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 1/2018
CIP Code: 01.090