Science, Technology, and Society (16STM)


A Science, Technology, and Society minor is a 15 hour, interdisciplinary minor providing students an opportunity to appreciate and understand better the roles that science and technology play in the larger sociocultural context. A goal of the minor is to help students develop the ability to order and integrate the diverse aspects of their educations. Two essential components of this ability are sensitivity to the moral dimensions of scientific and technological inquiry, as affecting how people may live or want to live, and an appreciation of the practical implications of scientific and technical theory. In addition, the Science, Technology, and Society minor enables students to increase the breadth of their interest in science and technology. No courses for the minor may be taken for S/U credit.


  • Completion of 15 hours of relevant courses, including:
    • at least one course from each of the category groupings,
    • one additional course from any of the categories, and
    • STS 214 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society
  • In order to receive an introduction to the field and to promote communication among themselves, STS minors are required to take STS 214 in their junior year or as soon as possible after declaring their intention to pursue the STS minor.
  • A maximum of ONE (1) course may be used (double-counted) towards both departmental major requirements and minor requirements.

Required Courses (3 credit hours)

  • STS 214 Introduction to Science, Technology, and Society

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

Choose 1 course from EACH Group (3 courses total) AND choose 1 additional course from any of the 3 Groups.*

Group I – Developmental Context of Science and Technology

  • STS 301 Science and Civilization
  • STS 302 Contemporary Science and Human Values
  • STS 405 Technology and American Culture
  • HI 321 Ancient and Medieval Science
  • HI 322 The Rise of Modern Science
  • HI 341 Technology in History
  • HI 360 US Agricultural History
  • HI 440/540 American Environmental History
  • HI 481/581 History of the Life Science
  • HI 482/582 Darwinism in Science and Society
  • HI 483/583 Science and Religion in European History
  • HI 484/584 Science in European Culture
  • HI 485/585 History of American Technology
  • HI 486/586 Science and Empire

Group II – Ethical Issues

  • STS 302 Contemporary Science and Human Values
  • STS/PHI 325 Biomedical Ethics
  • IDS 201 Environmental Ethics
  • PHI 340 Philosophy of Science

Group III – Theories, Methodologies, Implications of Science and Technology

  • COM 289 Science Communication & Public Engagement
  • PHI 340 Philosophy of Science
  • PS 314 Science, Technology, and Public Policy
  • IDS/NR 303 Humans and the Environment
  • STS 323 World Population and Food Prospects
  • STS 402 Peace and War in the Nuclear Age
  • ET 410 Toxic Substances and Society
  • GN 301 Genetics in Human Affairs
  • SOC/ANT 261 Technology in Society and Culture

*Important Notes:

  • Because of some duplication of subject matter a student may take either one or the other of the following courses but not both: Either STS 301 or HI 322
  • A course may fulfill the requirement for only one group.


Students interested in the Science, Technology and Society minor should contact the minor advisor by their junior year or earlier, if possible.


The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from their degree program.

Contact Person

Dr. Jason Delborne
Director, STS
Forestry & Environmental Resources
Professor of Science, Policy and Society
Jordan Hall Addition 5221, Box 8008
SIS Code:  16STM