Pulp and Paper Technology (15PPM)


The Pulp and Paper Technology Minor is available to all undergraduate students enrolled in the University as degree candidates, except Pulp and Paper Technology majors. The minor is focused on papermaking science and technology and is intended to be especially valuable to students majoring in programs leading to careers in corporate or government positions which would interface with the paper related industries. Students interested in business, scientific or engineering specialties which may interface with or be employed by these industries will find the minor especially useful.

Six hours of required courses provide a comprehensive overview of pulping and papermaking science and technology, including pulping, bleaching, chemical recovery, recycled fibers, stock preparation, papermaking, coating, printing, converting, and paper properties. Nine elective hours may be chosen from areas including wood chemistry, wet end chemistry, unit operations, process design and analysis, project management, paper physics, process control, or to gain more in depth exposure to the basic pulping, bleaching and papermaking processes.


  • Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours.
  • Student must take 6 hours of required courses and 9 hours of elective courses selected after consultation with the minor advisor

Required Courses (6 hours)

  • PSE 201 Pulping and Papermaking Technology (3 cr)
  • PSE 212 Paper Properties (3 cr)

Elective Courses (9 hours)

  • PSE 322 Wet End/Polymer Chemistry — laboratory (4 cr)
  • PSE 332 Wood Chemistry (3 cr)
  • PSE 355 Pulp and Paper Unit Processes I (3 cr)
  • PSE 360 Pulp and Paper Unit Processes II (3 cr)
  • PSE 371 Pulping Process Analysis — laboratory (3 cr)
  • PSE 415 Project Design/Research (3 cr)
  • PSE 416 Process Design & Analysis (3 cr)
  • PSE 465 Paper Physics (3 cr)
  • PSE 472 Paper Process Analysis — laboratory (3 cr)
  • PSE 475 Process Control — laboratory (3 cr)

NOTE: Some of the above courses have prerequisites. Permission to waive those prerequisites must be obtained from the course instructor after evaluation of the student’s academic background.

Admissions and Certification of Minor

All undergraduate students enrolled in the University as a degree candidate, other than PPT majors, are eligible for admission to the PPT minor program. Dr. Med Byrd will serve as advisor and certify completion of the minor. Paperwork for certification can be found in 2205 Pulp & Paper Labs and must be submitted to the minor advisor no later than the registration period of the student’s final semester at NC State. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program.

Contact Person

Dr. Med Byrd
2205 Pulp & Paper Labs

SIS Code:  15PPM