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Natural Sciences

Requirement  (7 credit hours)

  • A total of seven credit hours from the university approved GEP Natural Sciences course list including at least one laboratory course or course with a laboratory.
  • Special Note:  If a student changes a General Education course except for HES courses from a letter grade to credit-only (S/U), then the course will not satisfy the GEP requirements.  Consult your academic advisor if you have questions.


  • A course taken to satisfy a Major requirement may also satisfy this requirement if the course is on the approved GEP Natural Sciences course list.
  • A course that satisfies the Natural Sciences requirement may also satisfy the Global Knowledge or U.S. Diversity co-requisite if the course also exists on either university approved GEP co-requisite course list


The natural sciences pursue basic questions about the workings of the universe, and the richness, variety and interconnectedness of the world around us. Students today are exposed to an increasing volume of information, from a large variety of sources, in diverse and changing formats. Training in the natural sciences is essential to help students develop skills to distinguish between testable and un-testable ideas, recognize scientifically valid tests of theories, and understand how information relates to those tests. By studying the natural sciences, students learn to reason both inductively and deductively, develop and test scientific hypotheses, and understand the value and limitations of scientific studies. The development and application of new technologies require scientifically literate citizens who can understand technological issues and evaluate the role of science in society’s debate of those issues.

Category Objectives

Each course in the Natural Sciences will provide instruction and guidance that help students to:

  1. use the methods and processes of science in testing hypotheses, solving problems and making decisions; and
  2. make inferences from and articulate, scientific concepts, principles, laws, and theories, and apply this knowledge to problem solving.

Current NS GEP Category List