Leadership in the Public Sector


The Leadership in the Public Sector Undergraduate Certificate is designed for those students who want to develop the knowledge and skills to be effective leaders in the public sector.  Students in this program will survey leadership theories, research, and applied practices in order to learn and apply necessary skills, methods, and techniques of effective leadership in public and non-profit organizations.  This certificate program is offered entirely online and available only for non-traditional or non-degree seeking students.


  • Completion of 15 hours of coursework including 9 hours of required courses and 6 hours of elective courses.  Students must take on 200 level elective and one 300 or 400 level elective.
  • A grade of C (2.00) or better is required for each course taken in the certificate program as well as a 2.66 overall cumulative GPA in all certificate courses. If a student drops below this GPA, the student may not continue in the program

Required Courses:

LPS 200 Introduction to Public Leadership (3 hours)
LPS 315 Public Leadership (3 hours)
LPS 32 Research Methodology for the Public Sector (3 hours)

Elective Courses (Choose at least 6 credits from the list below):

LPS 201 The Humanitarian Response to Conflict (3 hours)
LPS 205 International Leadership Strategies for the Public Sector (3 hours)
LPS 400 Advanced Military Leadership Theory (3 hours)
PA 311 Public Policy Analysis and Evaluation (3 hours)
PA 332 Human Resource Management in the Public Sector (3 hours)
PS 301 The Presidency and Congress (3 hours)
PS 305 The Justice System in the American Political Process (3 hours)
PS 310 Public Policy (3 hours)
PS 312 Introduction to Public Administration (3 hours)

Admissions Requirements

Students pursuing university certificate programs are considered non-degree studies (NDS) students for the purpose of university registration.  Certificate program students may NOT be enrolled in a traditional degree program on campus at NCSU. This program will operate much like the Administrative Officers Management Program (AOMP), which is also house in SPIA.  This program has been providing management and leadership education for law enforcement professionals since 1989 and offers participants the opportunity to earn fifteen college credits as a non-degree student.

If students are able to complete the correct courses as NDS then they may still receive the certificate.

There is no time limit on completion of the certificate; however, if students wish to take a “break” from the certificate program, they must notify the LPS academic advisor.  This will allow  us to keep track of the number of enrolled certificate students.

Students who complete the certificate may apply for admittance to the LPS Bachelor’s Degree program. Their certificate course work will be considered in the application, but there is no guarantee of admission. It is a separate application process. If a certificate student does complete the Bachelor’s Degree in Leadership in the Public Sector then their certificate will be removed from their transcript, as students may not have a certificate or a minor degree in the same major degree.  When the student is approved for graduation with the Bachelor’s, LPS administration will notify Registration and Records that the certificate should be removed from the transcript.

Leadership in the Public Sector BA students who are unable to or do not wish to complete the BA, but have fulfilled therequirements for the certificate, may receive the certificate.


To be certified as having the certificate in Leadership in the Public Sector, students must have a minimum 2.66 grade point average across all courses used towards the Certificate. The LPS Academic Advisor will certify the certificate prior to completion

Administration of the Certificate Program

The certificate program coordinator will be the LPS academic advisor, which is currently:

LaShica Waters
Caldwell 210
Phone: 919-513-4330
Email: ldwaters@ncsu.edu

The LPS program administrator will determine whether courses, which have been transferred from other institutions, qualify for the certificate.  No more than one course transferred from other institutions may count toward the certificate.

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 8/2014
Plan Code: 16LPSCTU
CIP Code: 24.0199
Description: Undergraduate Certificate in Leadership in the Public Sector
Offered via Distance Education