Horticultural Science (11HSM)


The academic minor in Horticultural Science is offered to students who desire a strong foundation in the principles of horticultural science. Students may choose to enhance their own major by selecting courses in a specialized area of horticulture such as fruits and vegetables, ornamentals, floriculture, or landscape horticulture, or they may pursue a more general approach to the entire field of study.


  • Completion of at least 16 credit hours.
  • A grade of “C-” or better must be achieved in each course.

Required Courses (7 credit hours)

  • HS 201 The World of Horticulture: Principles and Practices (3 cr)
  • HS 301 Plant Propagation (4 cr – offered in Fall)

Elective Courses (9 credit hours)

Choose three (3) courses from the following:

  • HS 200 Home Horticulture (3 cr)
  • HS 242 Introduction to Small Scale Landscape Design (3 cr)
  • HS 280 Hands-On-Horticulture (3 cr)
  • HS 302 Gardening With Herbaceous Perennials (3 cr)
  • HS 303 Ornamental Plant Identification I (3 cr)
  • HS 304 Ornamental Plant Identification II (3 cr)
  • HS 411 Nursery Management (3 cr)
  • HS 421 Temperate-Zone Tree Fruits: Physiology and Culture (3 cr)
  • HS 422 Small Fruit Production (3 cr)
  • HS 431 Vegetable Production (4 cr)
  • HS 432 Permaculture: Sustainable Living (3 cr)
  • HS 440 Greenhouse Management (3 cr)
  • HS 442 Floriculturel Crop Production (3 cr)
  • HS 451 Plant Nutrition (3 cr)
  • HS 462 Postharvest Physiology (3 cr)
  • HS 471 Landscape Ecosystem Management (4 cr)


Students who plan to minor in Horticultural Science should contact the Coordinator listed below for consultation and approval. The Undergraduate Coordinator will assign a minor advisor who will monitor the student’s progress. Students should complete a Declare a Minor form and submit to Registration and Records.


The student must complete the “Application for Minor” form be kept on file in the Undergraduate Coordinator’s office until the student’s final semester at which time the proper procedure for certification of the minor will be completed.


Dr. Helen T. Kraus
Department of Horticultural Science
Box 7609, N.C. State University
(Kilgore Hall 114)
Raleigh, NC 27695-7609

SIS Code:  11HSM