Healthcare Product Management (18HLTMGMTM) No New Admissions


The Healthcare Product Management Minor is available to all undergraduate students enrolled in the University as degree candidates. This minor is one of three in the field of biomedical textiles. It will provide students majoring in textiles and other related fields means of obtaining an understanding of healthcare products and how to manage their creation, marketing, and distribution.


  • 19 credit hours are required for completion of this minor.
  • Seven hours of required courses provide a comprehensive introduction to biology (ZO 160, Introduction to Cellular and Developmental Zoology) and to the medical textiles field (MT 105, Introduction to Medical Textiles).
  • Twelve additional hours in the field of medical textiles address specific aspects of healthcare product management.
  • All courses taken to complete this minor must be completed with a grade point average of 2.5 or higher.

Required Courses (19 credit hours)

  • MT 105* Introduction to Medical Textiles (3 cr)
  • ZO 160 Introduction to Cellular and Developmental Zoology (4 cr)
  • MT 386 Medical Textiles Supply Network (3 cr)
  • MT 381 Medical Textiles and the Regulatory Environment (3 cr)
  • MT 435 Evaluation of Medical and Protective Textiles (3 cr)
  • MT 482 Healthcare Product Management (3 cr)

Students should be aware that some of these courses have prerequisites. Permission to waive prerequisites must be obtained from the course instructor after evaluation of student’s academic background.

* MT 105 may be substituted by PCC 105 Introduction to Polymer and Color Chemistry

Elective Courses (0 credit hours)


Admissions and Certification of Minor

All undergraduate students enrolled in NCSU as a degree candidate are eligible for admission to this minor program. The Healthcare Product Management Minor Advisor will serve as advisor and certify completion of the minor. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Paperwork for certification can be found with 3307 College of Textiles and should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State.

Contact Person

Dr. Kristen A. Thoney (Barletta)
3321 College of Textiles