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Health Physics Minor (14HPM)


The minor will enable students to understand the fundamentals of ionizing radiation safety, radiological control and the dosimetric consequences of nuclear activity to workers, the public and environment. The breadth and depth of the minor is designed to enable students to become a Certified Health Physicist by the American Board of Health Physics during the course of their professional career.


  • Completion of the designated HP courses with all courses completed with a C- or better
  • NE 290 must be completed with a B or better
  • NE 431/531 and NE 490/590 must be completed with a B- or better

Required Courses

  • ET 105 Introduction to environmental regulations (1cr)
  • NE 202 Radiation sources, interaction and detection (4cr)
  • NE 290 Introduction to health physics (3cr)
  • MEA 215 Introduction to atmospheric sciences (4cr)
  • AES 323 Water management (3cr)
  • ST 370 Probability and statistics for engineers¬†(3cr)
  • NE 404/504 Radiation safety and shielding (3cr)
  • MEA 412 Atmospheric physics (4cr)
  • NR 484 Environmental impact assessment (3cr)
  • NE 431/531 Nuclear waste management (3cr)
  • NE 490/590 Radiological assessment and nuclear emergency response (3cr)


Admissions and Certification of Minor

Students are to contact Dr. Robert Hayes (2101 Burlington Engineering Laboratories, 919-515-2321, to discuss their plan of study. Dr. Hayes will also certify completion of the student’s minor program. Paperwork for certification should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State.

Contact Person

Dr. Robert Hayes
2101 Burlington Engineering Laboratories
SIS Code:  14HPM