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General Education Program (GEP)-old

Mission Statement

The mission of general education is to provide students the opportunity to experience diverse and integrative disciplinary perspectives. General education enhances students’ intellectual engagement in their majors, prepares them for the changing demands of professional careers, equips them for a lifetime of learning, and lays the foundation for involvement in their communities as responsible citizens and leaders.

General Education Program Rationale

General Education at NC State provides the opportunity for a broad and informed understanding of the world, offering our students the foundation for rich and productive lives.  General education is valuable for students because logical and creative thinking are fundamental to improving the human condition; because a respect for the value of diversity and an understanding of human history and cultures are essential to true citizenship; because the development of global knowledge has become increasingly important in response to international interdependence; because knowledge of science and the ability to apply scientific reasoning provide the basis for an appreciation of the workings of the universe and the richness, variety, and ecological interconnectedness of the world around us; because well-considered moral, philosophical, aesthetic, and intellectual convictions are necessary for contributing to human thought and achievement; because effective communication is central to productive engagement in academic, professional, and civic communities; because an ability to understand and evaluate the interaction among science, technology, and society is important in a world that is changing through technological innovation and scientific discovery; and because the development of attitudes and skills for a healthy life is essential to social, mental, and physical well-being.


GEP Category Requirements 

Special Topics Courses

Special Topics GEP Short Forms