Forensic Science (17FSCM)


Forensic Science is the interest of how science is applied to the service of the law. The Forensic Science minor is an interdisciplinary minor that will introduce students to the multifaceted nature of criminal investigations. Students will gain knowledge in several disciplines that contribute to the forensic sciences.


The Forensic Science minor consists of a minimum of 15 credit hours.

  • A maximum of TWO (2) courses may be used (double-counted) towards both departmental major requirements and minor requirements
  • A grade of C- or better is required for all Minor courses with a 2.0 GPA required in the minor for graduation.
  • No course for the minor can be taken for credit only (S/U).
  • Students who plan to minor in Forensic Science should contact any faculty involved in the minor for consultation and approval.

Required Courses (3 credit hours)

  • ANT 370 Introduction to Forensic Anthropology (3 cr.)*, Preq: ANT 251*

Elective Courses (12 credit hours)

  • CH 441 Forensic Chemistry (3 cr.)
  • MSE 480 Materials Forensics and Degradation (3 cr.)
  • ENT 305 Introduction to Forensic Entomology (3 cr.)*
  • ANT 429 Advanced Methods in Forensic Anthropology (4 cr.), Preq: ANT 251, ANT 370*, ANT 421
  • ET 470 Environmental Forensics (3 cr.), Preq: ET 252, ET 301, ET 310
  • MEA 433 Forensic Geology (4 cr.), Preq: MEA 101
  • TOX 201 Poisons, People and the Environment (3 cr.)*
  • PCC 274 Intoduction to Forensic Science (3 cr.)
  • PCC 474 Forensic Chemistry Laboratory (3 cr.)
  • PHI (STS) 325  Biomedical Ethics (3 cr.)
  • PHI 422 Philosophical Issues in Enviromental Ethics (3 cr.)
  • PHI 475 Ethical Theory (3 cr.)
  • PS 205  Law and Justice (3 cr.)*
  • PS 307  Introduction to Criminal Law in the United States (3 cr.)
  • PS 313 Criminal Justice Policy (3 cr.)
  • SOC 306  Criminology (3 cr.), Preq: 200 level SOC* These courses are on the University approved GEP list

Admissions and Certification of Minor

The minor will be administered within the College of Sciences. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Paperwork for certification should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State. Application for the minor can be found online at the Registration and Records site.

Contact Person

Dr. Ann Ross
David Clark Labs 140
SIS Code:  17FSCM