Field Botany (11FBOCTU)


The Certificate in Field Botany will provide the opportunity to develop skills in vascular plant identification, through both sight recognition and use of taxonomic keys, and knowledge of domain specific terminology. The certificate requires 14 hours of traditional course work in four courses. The certificate is a non-degree program offered jointly by the department of Plant and Microbial Biology (PMB) and Department of Forestry and Environmental Resources through on-campus classroom instruction, but is administered by PMB. It is available to students pursuing an undergraduate degree in any major at N. C. State University or to Non-Degree Studies (NDS) students. Students who have earned an undergraduate degree may also return as NDS students to complete the certificate. Students completing the certificate will find it very helpful in securing employment with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (protecting wetlands), private consulting firms (preparing impact statements and planning reports), the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (conserving threatened and endangered plants and improving wildlife habitat), Natural Heritage Programs (conserving rare plants), and private conservation organizations.

Admissions Requirements

Students must be enrolled in an undergraduate degree at N. C. State University or as a Non-Degree Studies student (NDS).



  • PB 220 Local Flora (3)
  • FOR 339 Dendrology
  • PB 403 Systematic Botany
  • PB 464 Rare Plants

Program Coordinator

Dr. Alexander Krings
2109 Gardner Hall
Box 7612


Academic Structure

Term Effective: 8/2018
Plan Code: 11FBOCTU
CIP Code: 26.0301