Feed Milling


The Undergraduate Certificate in Feed Milling offers a course of study that will focus on teaching, developing, and implementing new technology associated with feed milling and animal agriculture in North Carolina, the U.S., and internationally. The Feed Milling Certificate program seeks to provide an educational opportunity to individuals in the feed industry who live and work in remote areas of the country, to increase the technical knowledge of individuals working in the feed and allied industries, to increase awareness of government regulations that apply to the feed industry, and to develop skills of feed mill employees. This certificate is available on-campus and via Distance Education.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Adam Fahrenholz
Poultry Science Dept.
Campus Box 7608
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695
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Any pre-requisite courses listed for courses within the certificate program.

Required Courses:

  • FM (ANS) 425 Feed Mill Technology (3 hrs)
  • FM 460 Feed Mill Operations and Leadership (2 hrs)
  • FM 480 Feed Quality Assurance and Formulation (2 hrs)
  • FM 490 Feed Science Seminar (1 hr)
  • FM 494 Feed Mill Learning Experience (1 hr)

Elective Courses: (3 hrs)

  • PO (ANS) (NTR) 415 Comparative Nutrition OR
  • ANS 225 Principles of Animal Nutrition OR
  • ANS 230 Nutrition of Domestic Animals

Total Credit Hours Required: 12

Admissions Requirements

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Plan of Study and Registration Information

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 1/2010
Plan Code: 11FMCTU, 32FMCTU
CIP Code: 01.0907
Description: Undergraduate Certificate in Feed Milling
Offered via on-campus and Distance Education format