Curriculum Forms


Request for Preliminary Authorization Documentation to plan the concept of a new degree program
Request to Establish Documentation to plan curriculum/resources for a new degree program
Blank Format A Semester-by-Semester Display/Plan of Work
Blank Format B List of Curriculum Requirements/Degree Audit
Revisions in Title/CIP Code/Delivery Mode Routing for changing the title of a degree
Curriculum Revision Routing Routing form for curricular revisions. See “Revising a Degree Plan” for more information.
Request to Increase Major Hours For programs who seek to increase their required hours over 120 or the amount previously approved by BoT
Request to Deliver Request to add an online or site-based distance education or off-campus delivery program offering
Request to Discontinue Request for Authorization to Discontinue a Degree Program
Request to Establish Addendum For new majors that have had their Request to Establish approved.
Request for Preliminary Authorization (RPA) Addendum For new majors that have not had the Request to Establish approved yet, but the Letter of Intent was approved.
UNC System Academic Program Planning Financial Worksheets


Create a New Concentration Routing To create a new concentration within an existing degree
Revising a Concentration Routing To revise requirements within a concentration of an existing degree
Discontinuing a Concentration Routing To discontinue a concentration within an existing degree

Certificates, Minors, and Honors Programs

Academic Minor Curriculum Action Form For creating or discontinuing an academic Minor
Honors Program Action Form For creating, revising, or discontinuing an honors program
Undergraduate Certificate Program Form For creating, revising, or discontinuing an undergraduate certificate

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