Crop Science (DE only)


The Undergraduate Certificate in Crop Science is a program that allows participants to explore the breadth of crop related courses offered in the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences. Participants in the program can customize their program to gain an understanding of the importance of agronomic crops for our state and national economy; how agronomic growth, development, and yield interact with environmental factors during the production season; sustainable production systems for agronomic crops; and marketing and distribution issues of these crops that can be related to world hunger. Individual courses will vary in instruction style, exam methods and assignments, and will include an assortment of on-line instruction methodology, video and PowerPoint presentations, outside readings, and on-line discussion sessions.

Program Coordinator

Dr. David Crouse
Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator and Director of Distance Education Programs
Department of Crop and Soil Sciences


  • Total credit hours required: 15
  • Students completing the Undergraduate Certificate in Agronomic Crop Production must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours with minimum of C- or better in each class.
  • The Certificate will be awarded upon successful completion of required and elective courses.
  • Students who have graduated with or are currently enrolled in the Plant and Soil Sciences undergraduate baccalaureate degree program at N.C. State University are not eligible for this certificate.

Required Courses: (3 cr)

  • CS 213 – Crops: Adaptation and Production (3 cr)

Elective Courses: (A minimum of 12 hours from the following course list)

  • CS 210 –  Lawn and Sports Turf (3 cr)
  • CS 216 – Oil Seed Crop Production (3 cr)
  • CS 218 – Cereal Grain Crop Production (2 cr)
  • CS 224 – Seeds, Biotechnology & Societies (3 cr)
  • CS 230 – Introduction to Agroecology (3 cr)
  • CS 312 – Grassland Management for Natural Resources Conservation (3 cr)
  • CS 424 – Seed Physiology (3 cr)
  • CS 495 – Special Topics in Crop Science
  • CS 524 – Seed Physiology
  • CS 590 – Special Topics in Crop Science


Admissions Requirements

High school diploma is required. The successful completion of one college biology course or equivalent experience is required.

Plan of Study and Registration Information

Undergraduate Programs Office
Crop & Soil Sciences Department
2234 Williams Hall
Campus Box 7620

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 1/2017
Plan Code: 11ACPCTU, 32ACPCTU
CIP Code: 01.1101
Description: Undergraduate Certificate in Crop Science
Offered via Distance Education format only