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Course Inventory Management Guides

NC State uses the Course Inventory Management (CIM) system for all course actions. There are two websites, one, to initiate actions and search and the other to review and approve actions.

CIM Training Session Topics

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  • General/ Intro to CIM (30 minutes) – Introduction to the two websites and their functions (Initiator/search page and the Approval page),  review the approval process map, where resources can be found, saving vs. saving and submitting, downloading CIM history.
    Recommended Audience: New users
  • Approval Process/ Workflow (20 minutes) – Approver roles in workflow, what to do with courses at your step (edit, rollback, and approval), automatic emails, workflow steps, and process map.
    Recommended Audience: New users, Users with assigned steps in workflow, Users new to the approval process.
  • Initiating a New Course in CIM (15 minutes) – Initiator/search page, proposing a new course (what you should know), copying course information, and saving vs saving and submitting.
    Recommended Audience: New users, Users wishing to propose a new course.
  • Editing an Existing course in CIM (15 minutes) – Searching for existing course (by prefix, number, topic, etc.), minor vs. major edits, dropping a course, and saving vs saving and submitting.
    Recommended Audience: New users, Users wishing to make course edits to existing courses.

University-Level Committee Information

The office of undergraduate courses curricula and academic standards helps to facilitate the approval process for the university courses and curricula committee (UCCC), which reviews all course and curricula actions at the university level, and the council for undergraduate education (CUE), which reviews courses for the General Education Program (GEP).

Additional Information and Resources

The institution places primary responsibility for the content, quality, and effectiveness of its curriculum with its faculty.