Undergraduate Academic Minor

Academic Minors

A Minor is an optional academic program that a student may pursue while a currently enrolled undergraduate student. A Minor shall consist of a minimum of 15 credit hours. See a listing of approved Minors.

NC State University recognizes two types of minors:

  • Departmental Minor: A department may develop one or more minors within disciplines offered in that department. Usually the departmental minor includes only courses from one discipline.
  • Inter-Departmental Minor: A minor may be developed by different departments by faculty who teach in the disciplines most relevant to the particular minor. Each inter-departmental minor will be administered by a departmental representative in which the majority of the required courses are taught.

Academic Minor Guidelines

  • The number of hours required for a minor is at the discretion of the department or college offering the minor but must be at least 15 hours. Required courses for the minor must be at the undergraduate level. Prerequisite courses which are needed will be in addition to the hours required for the minor.
  • A minor shall be completely optional for a student and cannot be required by an academic program.
  • A student cannot obtain a minor in their major.
  • Only students who have matriculated into a major are eligible for a minor.
  • Students cannot complete a minor after graduating.
  • Any student seeking a minor must consult with the minor coordinator on a plan of work and should file a copy of this plan with the major advisor as soon as the minor is declared. The student should submit a Declare a Minor form signed by their minor coordinator and submit the form to Registration and Records as soon as possible but no later than the end of the regular registration period one semester prior to the semester of graduation. Not declaring the minor in a timely manner may result in recognition of the minor NOT appearing on student’s final transcript.
  • Successful completion of the minor will be noted on the transcript upon graduation.
  • Courses constituting the minor may be used to satisfy General Education requirements as applicable and required courses must be approved permanent courses (i.e. not a special topics).
  • Instructions for developing and revising an academic minor.