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Come Join Us: In-person CIM Lab with OUCCAS

Professor studies computer screen.

Ever had troubles with Course Inventory Management? Ever planning to work with CIM? New to campus? Lexi is here to help!

OUCCAS, the Office of Undergraduate Courses, Curricula, and Academic Standards, will host an in-person CIM lab for faculty or staff new to campus, current users, or potential users on January 23, at 1.30 pm, in room 2015 of Engineering Building 1. Our friendly Curriculum and Training Specialist Lexi will walk you through any CIM issues that you might be having, look over your CIM requests, explain the mysteries of CIM, and check your work. This is a terrific chance to learn from an expert in the room, troubleshoot with colleagues who may be having the same challenges, and is like being able to ask Siri anything, only in this case “Siri” is named “Lexi,” and she’s a real person. The lab will be “BYOC,” or Bring Your Own Computer. See you there!