Coaching Education (24CAM)


The Department of Health and Exercise Studies offers a 16 hour minor in Coaching Education designed to prepare students to assume coaching responsibilities with a sound theoretical and practical background. The minor provides students with a foundation of essential coaching skills; (a) the basic knowledge, understanding, and application of coaching philosophy, sport psychology, and effective teaching techniques; (b) the basic principles of human anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, and exercise science and the practical application to coaching; (c) injury prevention, risk management, and the treatment of sport-related injuries; (d) theories and techniques necessary to plan, organize, and implement sport programs; (e) and a demonstration of motor skills and strategies involved in coaching specific sports.

The minor will require a minimum of 9 hours plus the practicum experience taken at North Carolina State University.


  • The Coaching Education minor requires the completion of 16 credit hours
  • Students will complete six credit hours from the three required courses
  • Students will complete 10 credit hours from eleven elective courses
  • All minor program courses must be taken for a letter grade
  • Students must obtain a grade of “C-” or better in each of the required and elective courses
  • Students must complete HESM 370, HESM 477, and six credits from the sport science electives category before taking HESM 301
  • A minimum 10 credit hours must be completed at NC State (including the practicum)

Required Credits (6) from the core category

  • HESM 301 Coaching Practicum (1)
  • HESM 370 Foundations of Sport Coaching and Instruction (2)
  • HESM 477 Coaching Concepts (3)

Elective Credits (6) from the sports science category

  • HESM 381 Introduction to Athletic Training (3)
  • HESM 476 Motor Learning (3)
  • HESM 478 Exercise Physiology and Sports Science (3)

Elective Credits (4) from the sports coaching category

Select 2 courses from the following list:

  • HESM 201 Coaching Baseball/Softball (2 cr)
  • HESM  202 Coaching Basketball (2 cr)
  • HESM 203 Coaching Football (2 cr)
  • HESM 204 Coaching Golf (2 cr)
  • HESM 205 Coaching Soccer (2 cr)
  • HESM 207 Coaching Tennis (2 cr)
  • HESM 209 Coaching Volleyball (2 cr)
  • HESM 211 Coaching Strength Training and Conditioning (2 cr)

Admissions to the Minor

  • Read all information regarding the minor program
  • Contact the minor program coordinator
  • Begin taking the required and/or elective courses in the minor program (HESM 301 excluded)
  • Complete and submit the Declare Minor Form to Registration and Records
  • Meet with the minor coordinator prior to enrolling in the minor practicum

Contact Person

Keith Howard
2046 Carmichael Gymnasium

Effective Date:  07/2015
SIS Code:  24CAM