Chinese Studies (16CIM)


Students majoring in any area of study at NC State are eligible to minor in Chinese Studies. The minor cannot be in the same discipline as the major. The minor in Chinese Studies will provide students with an opportunity to round out their study of Chinese language, culture, and political thought. An investigation of the significance of Modern Asia forms an important complement to studies in Economics, Political Science, History, and Multi-disciplinary Studies. Students may declare the minor when they are enrolled in a class that counts toward the minor.

At the completion of the minor the student will:

  1. Be able to communicate using the basic skills of modern standard Chinese,
  2. Have some familiarity with Chinese culture, literature and political thought and
  3. Have a general overview of China’s political and religious institutions and the role of China in Southeast Asia.


  • Completion of 15 credit hours is required.
  • 9 Credit hours must be taken at NC State and a maximum of six (6) credit hours may be transferred into the minor from another institution.
  • The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature will determine which courses transferred from other institutions may qualify to meet requirements for the minor.
  • A grade of ‘C-‘ or better is required in all courses in the minor program
  • A maximum of TWO (2) course may be used (double-counted) towards both departmental major requirements and minor requirements.
  • No courses for the minor may be taken for S/U credit.

Students may declare the minor when they are enrolled in a class that counts toward the minor. 

Required Courses

  • FLC 201 Intermediate Chinese I
  • FLC 202 Intermediate Chinese II
  • FLC 301 Intermediate Chinese III
  • FLC 302 Intermediate Chinese IV

And one (1) of the following courses:

  • FLC 351 Modern Chinese Popular Culture
  • HI 263 Asian Civilization to 1800
  • HI 264 Modern Asia
  • HI 471 Revolutionary China
  • HI 473 20th Century Asian Revolutionaries
  • REL 332 The Buddhist Tradition
  • PS 342 Politics of China and Japan
  • PS 343 Government and Politics in South Asia

Elective Courses



Students first download a Departmental Minor Declaration Form and consult with their major advisor for approval of the minor program. After the student obtains the major advisor’s signature, he/she meets with the minor advisor to develop a plan of study indicating required courses and expected dates of completion. A copy of the student’s minor plan of study will be kept on file in the Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures.


University Minor Declaration Form should be submitted to Registration and Records for inclusion of the minor on the student’s official record. Paperwork for certification should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State. Students should meet with the Coordinator of Advising, Ms. Susan Navey-Davis (919.515.9288,, 321 Withers), to complete the final certification. Students will receive official recognition on their transcripts for the completed minor.

Contact Person

Dr. Nathaniel Isaacson
Withers 208

SIS Code: 16CIM