Biological Sciences (17BLM)


The Department of Biological Sciences in the College of Sciences offers an undergraduate minor in Biological Sciences that is intended to enhance the programs of students whose major fields are outside the biological sciences and who are interested in obtaining either a broad-based perspective in biology or a more focused experience in a particular area within biology.  The required courses (8 hours) provide an overview of the field of biology and students then select additional courses (at least 7 hours) within the biological sciences that best match their interests. It is possible to complete this minor entirely through Distance Education course offerings.

The minor in Biological Sciences is open to all baccalaureate students except those majoring in Animal Science, Biochemistry, Biological Sciences, Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology: Conservation Biology: Fisheries Science, Wildlife Science, Genetics, Microbiology, Nutrition, Plant Biology, Plant and Soil Sciences, Science Education – Biology Concentration, Turfgrass Science, or Zoology. Courses will count toward the minor only if they are completed with a grade of C- or better.

Required Courses (8 semester hours)*

  • BIO 181 Introductory Biology I (4 cr)
  • BIO 183 Introductory Biology II (4 cr)

*Students who earn A’s in both BIO 105 and 106 or A’s in both BIO 115 and 116 before taking BIO 181 or BIO 183 can use BIO 105/106 or BIO 115/116 in place of either BIO 181 or BIO 183. Contact the program administrator for course substitution approval.

Elective Courses (7 semester hours)

A minimum of 7 credit hours must be taken from the list below and/or from BIO courses at the 200 level and above, excluding courses numbered 295, 492, 493, 495, or 592.  At least 3 of the 7 elective hours must be at the 300 level or higher.

  • BCH 451 Principles of Biochemistry (4 cr)
  • BCH 452 Introductory Biochemistry Laboratory (2 cr)
  • BIO 140 Animal Diversity (3 cr)
  • ENT 425 General Entomology (4 cr)
  • GN 311/411 Principles of Genetics (4 cr)
  • GN 412 Elementary Genetics Laboratory (1 cr)
  • MB 351 General Microbiology (3 cr)
  • MB 352 Microbiology Laboratory (1 cr)
  • PB 200 Plant Life (4 cr)
  • PB 250 Plant Biology (4 cr)
  • PB 321 Introduction to Whole Plant Physiology (3 cr)
  • PB 360 Introduction to Ecology (3 cr)
  • PB 365 Ecology Laboratory (3 cr)
  • PB 400 Plant Diversity (4 cr)
  • PB 403 Systematic Botany (4 cr)
  • PB 413 Introductory Plant Anatomy (4 cr)
  • PB 421 Plant Physiology (3 cr)
  • PB 480 Introduction to Plant Biotechnology (3 cr)
  • PP 315 Principles of Plant Pathology (4 cr)
  • BIO or ZO 2** excluding 295
  • BIO or ZO 3**
  • BIO or ZO 4** excluding 492, 493, 495
  • BIO or ZO 5** excluding 592


Students who plan to minor in Biological Sciences should contact the person listed below for consultation and approval. This person will assign the student a minor advisor who will help the student design a program of study to meet the academic needs of the student and monitor the student’s progress.


The contact person below will certify the completion of the student’s minor program. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program. Paperwork for certification can be found below and should be completed no later than during the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State.

Contact People

Dennis Kauffman
2727 Bostian Hall
SIS Code: 17BLM