Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS)

Plan Title SIS Code Effective Date
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology (BS) 11AGEVTBS  6.2011
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology  (BS): Environmental Systems Management  11AGEVTBS-11AGEVTESM  6.2011
Biological and Agricultural Engineering Technology  (BS): Agricultural Systems Management  11AGEVTBS-11AGEVTASM  1.2019
 Agricultural Business Management (BS)  11AGBUSBS  1.2017
 Agricultural Business Management (BS): Biological Science  11AGBUSBS-11AGBUSBBM  6.2013
Agricultural Education (BS): Agricultural Business 11AGEDBS-11AGEDAGB 1.2019
Agricultural Education (BS): Agricultural Engineering Technology 11AGEDBS-11AGEDAET 1.2019
Agricultural Education (BS): Agronomy 11AGEDBS-11AGEDAGR 1.2016
Agricultural Education (BS): Animal Science 11AGEDBS-11AGEDANS 1.2019
 Agricultural Education (BS): Horticultural Science  11AGEDBS-11AGEDHS  1.2019
Agricultural Education (BS): Natural Resources  11AGEDBS-11AGEDNRS  1.2016
Agricultural Education (BS): Poultry Science 11AGEDBS-11AGEDPSC 1.2019
Agricultural Institute: Agribusiness Management (AAS) 11AGBAAS 8.2016
Agricultural Institute: Field Crops Technology (AAS) 11FCTAAS 1.2011
Agricultural Institute: General Agriculture (AAS) 11GNAAAS 1.2011
Agricultural Institute: Horticultural Science Management (AAS) Small Scale Farming 11HSMAAS-11HSMSSF 8.2015
Agricultural Institute: Horticultural Science Management (AAS) Ornamentals & Landscape Technology 11HSMAAS- 11HSMOLT 8.2015
Agricultural Institute: Livestock & Poultry Management (AAS) 11LPMAAS 8.2015
Agricultural Institute: Turfgrass Management (AAS) 11TGMAS 1.2011
Agricultural Science (BS) 11AGSBS 1.2019
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (BS): Agroecology Research and Production 11ASFSBS-11ARP 1.2018
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (BS): Community Food Systems 11ASFSBS-11CFS 1.2018
Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (BS): Urban Horticulture 11ASFSBS-11UH 1.2018
Animal Science (BS): Industry 11ANSCBS-11ANSCIAS 1.2019
Animal Science (BS): Science 11ANSCBS-11ANSCSAS 1.2019
Animal Science (BS): Veterinary Bioscience 11ANSCBS – 11ANSCVET 1.2019
Biochemistry (BS) 11BIOCHBS 6.2014
Biological Engineering (BS) 11BEBS 1.2016
Biological Engineering (BS): Agricultural Engineering 11BEBS-11BEBEA 1.2016
Biological Engineering (BS): Bioprocessing Engineering 11BEBS-11BEBEP 6.2017
Biological Engineering (BS): Ecological Engineering 11BEBS–11BEBEC 7.2016
Biological Engineering (BS): Environmental Engineering 11BEBS-11BEBEE 6.2017
Bioprocessing Science (BS) 11BBSBS 7.2012
Crop and Soil Sciences (BS): Agronomy  11CSSCBS-11CSSCAG 7.2019
Crop and Soil Sciences (BS): Crop Biotechnology  11CSSCBS-11CSSCPCB 7.2019
Crop and Soil Sciences (BS): Soil Science  11CSSCBS-11CSSCSSC 7.2019
Extension Education (BS): Agricultural and Natural Resources 11EXTEDBS-11EXTEDAEX 1.2019
Extension Education (BS): Youth Leadership Development 11EXTEDBS-11EXTEDAEY 1.2019
Food Science (BS): Science 11FOODSBS-11FOODSSFS 7.2009
Food Science (BS): Technology 11FOODSBS-11FOODSTFS 6.2012
Horticultural Science (BS): Plant Breeding and Biotechnology in Horticulture  11HORTBS-11HORTSHG 7.2019
Horticultural Science (BS): Production Systems and Entrepreneurship in Horticulture 11HORTBS-11HORTTHG 7.2019
Horticultural Science (BS):  Landscape Design, Gardens & Urban Environments 11HORTBS-11HORTTHL 7.2019
Life Sciences First Year 11LSFY 6.2014
Natural Resources (BS): Soil, Water, and Land Use  11NATRLBS-11NATRLNRW 1.2019
Nutrition Science (BS) 11NTSBS 6.2016
Nutrition Science (BS): Applied Nutrition 11NTSBS-11NTSAN 6.2016
Plant Biology (BS) 11PBBS 1.2019
Poultry Science (BS): Science  11PLTRYBS-11PLTRYSPS 7.2011
Poultry Science (BS): Technology 11PLTRYBS-11PLTRYTPS 7.2011
No New Admissions Soil and Land Development (BS): Land Development 11SLDBS-11SLDLDEV 1.2011
No New Admissions Turfgrass Science (BS) 11TFGBS 1.2019