Agricultural Leadership


The Agricultural Leadership Certificate is a program designed for individuals interested in advancing both their personal and organizational leadership skills. The Certificate in Agricultural Leadership will provide participants with the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a series of in-depth, semester-length courses that are programmatic in nature. Coursework includes topics covering personal leadership, team leadership, organizational leadership as well as professional presentations. The certificate program seeks to motivate present and future leaders to develop those leadership skills needed by colleges, universities and the agricultural industry.

Program Coordinator

Dr. Jackie Bruce – Associate Professor
Department of Agricultural and Extension Education
Box 7607, 213 Ricks Hall
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC 27695-7607


The University Certificate in Leadership in Agriculture requires a minimum of 12 credit hours and is offered both on-campus and online via DELTA Distance Education. The minimum grade required for courses counting toward the certificate program is a ‘C-‘.
Required Courses:

  • AEE 323 – Leadership Development in Agriculture and Life Sciences (3)

Elective Courses : (Select 3 courses from the following list)

  • AEE 311 – Communication Methods and Media* (3)
  • AEE 350 – Personal Leadership Development in Agriculture and Life Sciences (3)
  • AEE 360 – Developing Team Leadership in Agriculture and Life Sciences (3)
  • AEE 435 – Professional Presentations in Agricultural Organizations (3)
  • AEE 460 – Organizational Leadership Development in Agriculture and Life Sciences (3)

*ENG 332, Communication for Business and Management, or ENG 333, Communication for Science and Research, may be substituted for AEE 311. Only one of these three courses can be used to meet these certificate requirements.

Total Credit Hours Required: 12

Admissions Requirements

Students enrolled at North Carolina State University who are in good academic standing are eligible for admission to this certificate program. In addition, non-degree students in good academic standing may enroll in the program. Students who complete the minor in Leadership in Agriculture and Life Sciences are not eligible for the Certificate in Agricultural Leadership.

Plan of Study

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Registration Information

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 1/2009
Plan Code: 11ALCTU, 32ALCTU
CIP Code: 01.0101
Description: Undergraduate Certificate in Agricultural Leadership
Offered: On-campus and Distance Education format