Agricultural Entrepreneurship (11AGENT)


The Minor in Agricultural Entrepreneurship is available to undergraduates in all majors. Courses in the minor cover the basic mindset, principles, and practices of entrepreneurship, including how to start a new business and how to add value to an existing business. Entrepreneurship skills are valuable to not only entrepreneurs but also to managers and others in careers in agricultural and related industries. Student teams work on projects with real businesses in all of our entrepreneurship courses. We also form teams around entrepreneurship projects that students bring to our classes. Students participate in poster and pitch contests judged by entrepreneurs and investors. We help students obtain seed money for prototypes and start-ups, and we fund class-related expenses such as travel that are associated with team projects. We immerse students in our extensive agribusiness network and in the NC State entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Required Courses

  • ARE 270 (3 hours): Principles of Agribusiness Entrepreneurship
  • ARE 370 (3 hours): Agribusiness New Venture Development
  • ARE 470 (3 hours): Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Clinical Skills Development

Elective Courses

6 hours of Advised Electives designated by the minor advisor and based on project interest.

Admissions and Certification of Minor

Admission to the minor requires a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better and the completion of ARE 201 or EC 201 with a grade of ‘C-‘ or better. Students should contact Dr. John S. Russ, to inquire about adding the minor no later than the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State.

Contact Person

Dr. John S. Russ
3346 Nelson Hall
SIS code: 11AGENT