Agricultural Business Management (PBS) (DE Only)


The University Certificate in Agricultural Business Management for post-baccalaureate students is available via distance education to all non-Degree studies (NDS) students enrolled at NC State University who have already received a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree. This certificate is not available to NC State degree seeking students. This certificate provides individuals an opportunity to learn basic business and economic principles that are useful in careers in agricultural and related industries.

Program Coordinator

Dr. John S. Russ
Undergraduate Coordinator
Director of ARE Distance Education
Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics (ARE)
NC State University
Box 8109
Nelson Hall, Room 3346
Raleigh, North Carolina 27695
(919) 515-4677

More information is available at the Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics website [Click Here]


Required Course to be taken via distance education (section 601)
  • ARE 201 – Introduction to Agricultural and Resource Economics* (C- minus or higher) (3 credit hours)
*ARE 201-601 must be successfully completed before enrollment in any Elective courses.
Elective Courses to be taken via distance education (section 601) (12 credit hours)
All courses provide 3 credit hours each.
Only one course can be selected from each numbered group:
  1. ARE 303 – Farm Business Management – OR – ARE 304 – Agribusiness Management
  2. ARE 306 – Agricultural Law – OR – ARE 309 – Environmental Law and Economic Policy
  3. ARE 311 – Agricultural Markets – OR – ARE 312 – Agribusiness Marketing
  4. ARE 215 – Small Business Accounting
  5. ARE 323- Agribusiness Finance
  6. ARE 332 – Human Resource Management for Agribusiness
  7. ARE 345 – Global Agribusiness Management
  8. ARE 444-  Ethics in Agribusiness
  9. ARE 495 – Special Topics in Agricultural and Resource Economics* (3 credit hours)
*Any ARE 495-601 section must be pre-approved for the certificate by the Distance Education Coordinator. ARE 495-601 may only be taken after the successful completion of 12 credit hours.

Admissions requirements

  • Student must have received a Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts Degree from an accredited institution. Proof of receipt of a previously awarded B.S. or B.A degree is required, via an official copy of applicant’s transcript from the degree conferring institutation, before the application may be reviewed.
  • Not enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate degree program at N.C. State University; and
  • Acceptance as a Non-Degree Studies Student through DELTA, if not already enrolled.

Completion Requirements

The following are the requirements that must be met to receive a University Certificate in Agricultural Business Management:

  • Completion of 15 credit hours from the list of required and elective courses with a grade of C- or higher received for each course and an overall GPA of 2.0 or higher must be achieved upon completion of all required courses.
  • Four (4) years will be allowed for completion of all courses. The time limit starts with enrollment in the first course. Students will be allowed to defer no more than two semesters after acceptance into the program.
  • All courses must be 601 sections taken through distance education unless special approval is granted for completion of an on-campus section to allow the student to successfully complete the course sequence for receipt of a Post Baccalaureate ABM Certificate.
  • None of the required 15 credit hours may be taken for S/U or “credit only.
  • No transfer credits from other institutions to fulfill certificate course requirements are allowed.
  • Students currently enrolled in the Agricultural Business Management major or who would qualify for the ABM minor do not qualify for this program.

Total Credit Hours Required: 15

Plan of Study

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Registration Information

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 1/2010
Plan Code: 32ABCTU
CIP Code: 01.0102
Description: Undergraduate Certificate in Agricultural Business Management
Offered via Distance Education only