Agricultural Business Management (11AMM)


The minor in Agricultural Business Management is offered to undergraduate majors in all departments except the Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics. The minor provides students an opportunity to learn basic business and economic principles that are useful in careers in agricultural and related industries.

Core Course Requirement (1 course, 1 credit hour)

  • ARE 201 Introduction to Agricultural & Resource Economics (Preferred Option) OR
  • EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics (*if EC 205 has already been taken, obtain approval from Undergraduate coordinator for possible substitution.)

ARE Breadth Requirement (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

  • Category A (Maximum Units Allowed: 3) ARE 303 Farm Management OR ARE 304 Agribusiness Management
  • Category B (Maximum Units Allowed: 3) ARE 311 Agricultural Markets OR ARE 312 Agribusiness Marketing
  • Category C (Maximum Units Allowed: 3) ARE 321 Agricultural Financial Management OR ARE 323 Agribusiness Finance

Electives (2 courses, 6 credit hours)

At least one course must be an ARE course.

  • ARE 215 Small Business Accounting
  • ARE 303 Farm Management
  • ARE 304 Agribusiness Management
  • ARE 306 Agricultural Law
  • ARE 309 Environmental Law & Economic Policy
  • ARE 311 Agricultural Markets
  • ARE 312 Agribusiness Marketing
  • ARE 321 Agricultural Financial Management
  • ARE 323 Agribusiness Finance
  • ARE 332 HR Management for Agribusiness
  • ARE 336 Introduction to Resource and Environmental Economics
  • ARE 345 Global Agribusiness Mgmt
  • ARE 404 Advanced Agribusiness Management
  • ARE 412 Advanced Agribusiness Marketing
  • ARE 433 U.S Agricultural Policy
  • ARE 444 Ethics in Agribusiness
  • ARE 494 Agribusiness Study Abroad
  • ARE 495 Special Topics in Ag. & Resource Econ
  • ACC 200 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
  • ACC 210 Concepts of Financial Reporting
  • BUS 320 Financial Management

Additional Requirements

Students must complete ARE/EC 201 with a C- or better as well as maintain a cumulative GPA ≥ 2.0 in all courses taken that could be sued to satisfy the requirements for the minor. Courses used towards the minor may not be taken for credit only. All 300 to 400 level courses for the minor must be completed at NCSU. If transfer credits have been granted for such courses, additional courses will be required and must be approved by the Undergraduate Coordinator.

Admission to the Minor

Students must contact the Ag. & Resource Economics Undergraduate Office for permission to be added to the minor. Do this as soon as possible in your academic career. Requests may be denied if they are not received prior to your final semester,. You can reach the Student Services Assistant, Kendall Del Rio, through email at Students should contact the department early to ensure they properly enrolled in the minor.


Effective Date: 7.2016