Agricultural Institute – Livestock & Poultry Management (AAS) (11LPMAAS)

First Year (AGI 01)

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
AGI 101 Introduction to Agricultural Institute 1 WRT 114 Professional Writing, Res. & Reporting1,E 3
WRT 111 Expository Writing1,E 3 MA 103A  Topics in Contemporary Math A 3
MAA 102 Math in Agric. & Related Sciences2 3 ANS 104 Swine Production 4
ANS 101 Introduction to Livestock and Poultry Industries 3 ARE 1** Ag & Resource Economics Elective 3 3
SOC 203A Current Social Problems OR SOC 241A Sociology AG and Rural Society 3 AGI 191 Professional Development 1
PO 201A Poultry Science & Production 3 PO 150 Poultry Management 3
PO 202A Poultry Science & Production Lab 1
17 17

Second Year (AGI 02)

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
ANS 103 Beef Production 3 ARE 1** Elective3 3
ANS 102 Animal Feeds and Nutr􀁰tion 3 ARE 115 Agribusiness Accounting 3
GEP Humanities/VPA Elective B OR ARE 1** Ag & Resource Econ Elective3  3 Free Elective 4 5-7
HES_***Health & Exercise Studies CourseD 1 PO 162 Livestock &  Poultry Disease Mngmt 3
ARE 201A lntro to Ag Economics 3
AGI 191 Professional Development 1-3
14-16 14-16


Minimum Credit Hours Required for Graduation*: 64
 Major/Program Footnotes
1 WRT 111 and WRT 114 must be completed with a C-minus or higher grade for transfer to an NC State baccalaureate program.
2 MAA 102 must be completed with a C- or higher grade.
3 See Degree Audit for ARE elective requirements.
4 SOC 241A may be substituted for SOC 203A and PO 201A/202 may be substituted for PO 111.
5 See Advisor for free elective course selection options.

* General Education Program (GEP) requirements and GEP Footnotes
To complete the requirement for graduation and the General Education Program, the following category credit hours must be satisfied. University approved GEP course lists for each of the following categories can be found at  Mathematical Sciences (3 credit hours) MA 103 fulfills the 3 credits of Mathematical Sciences.
B.  Humanities/Fine Arts (3 credit hours)
Choose from the University approved GEP Humanities or GEP Visual and Performing Arts course list
C.  Social Sciences (6 credit hours) ARE 201 and SOC 203 fulfill 6 credits of Social Science GEP.
D. Health and Exercise Studies (1 credit hour)
Choose from the University approved GEP Health & Exercise Studies course list
E.  Introduction to Writing (6 credit hours satisfied to by completing WRT 111 and WRT 114)