Biomanufacturing – for Post-Baccalaureate Students (PBS)


The Certificate in Biomanufacturing provides graduates with the knowledge base and hands-on skills that will prepare them to quickly contribute to a cGMP biomanufacturing operation in significant ways and should reduce the time needed for on-the-job training in those operations.

Program Coordinator

Pa Nhia Moore
195 BTEC Bldg.
Centennial Campus
Raleigh, NC 27695-7928


Prerequisite: In order to enroll in the first course in the program, applicants must have earned a bachelor’s level degree, and have completed CH 223 (or equivalent) and either BIO 183 (prior to Fall 2007, numbered as BIO 181) or ZO 160. Interested graduates should contact the BTEC Office for Student Coordination at 919-513-2000 for information and application materials.

Requirements for the Post-Baccalaureate Undergraduate Certificate in Biomanufacturing include a minimum of 13 credit hours as specified below. All courses must be completed with a grade of ‘C-‘ or higher:

Required Courses: (5 hrs)

  • BEC (MB) 320 Fundamentals of Microbial Cell Culture or MB 352 General Microbiology Lab
  • BEC 330 Principles and Applications of Bioseparations
  • BEC (MB) 420 Fundamentals of Microbial Cell Biotransformations
  • BBS 426 Industrial Microbiology & Bioprocessing Laboratory
  • BEC 436 Introduction to Downstream Process Development

Either upstream or downstream processing focus: (4 hrs)

  • BBS 426 Industrial Microbial & Bioproc. Lab and BEC 480 cGMP Fermentation Operations OR
  • BEC 436 Introduction to Downstream Process Development and BEC 485 cGMP Downstream Operations

Elective Courses: Choose two courses not previously completed from the following list: (4 hrs)

  • BBS 426 Industrial Microbial & Bioproc. Lab
  • BEC 436 Introduction to Downstream Process Development
  • BEC 442 Insect Cells Protein Expression
  • BEC 462 Bio-Nanotechnology Laboratory
  • BEC (CHE) 463 Fermentation of Recombinant Microorganisms
  • BEC 475 Global Regulatory Affairs for Medical Products
  • BEC 480 cGMP Fermentation Operations
  • BEC 485 cGMP Downstream Operations
  • BIT 466 Animal Cell Culture Techniques
  • BIT 470 Advanced Animal Cell Culture: Bioreactor Culture
  • GN 411 Principles of Genetics
  • MB 455 Microbial Biotechnology

Total Credit Hours Required: 13

Admissions Requirements

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Plan of Study and Registration Information

Contact the Program Coordinator.

Academic Structure

Term Effective: 1/2009
Plan Code: 32BTECCTU
CIP Code: 26.1201
Description: Undergraduate Certificate in Biomanufacturing
Offered: On-campus format