Management First Year (20MGMTFY)

Freshman Year

Fall Semester Credit Spring Semester Credit
M 100 Professionalism,
Diversity and Acad Success in Mgmt 1
1 MA 114 Finite Math 7 3
ENG 101 or Natural Science (with Lab) 3 4 Communications 8 or Humanities 9 3
MA 121/131/141 Calculus 2,4 3 ENG 101 2 or Natural Science (with Lab) 3 4
FL_ 201 5 3 EC 201 Principles of Microeconomics 2,10 3
MIE 201 Intro to Business Processes 3 ACC 210 Concepts of Financial Reporting 2 3
HESF 1** Health & Exercise Studies Course 6 1
15 16


*Students will matriculate into the major of their choice during their spring semester.

1. Students should take M 100 their first semester in the program.
2. Must be completed with “C-” or better.
3. 7 credit hours-include one laboratory course or course with a lab from the GEP Natural Sciences list.
4. MA 131 or MA 141 are encouraged for students who qualify and aspire to take additional calculus. For students completing MA 141, one credit of MA141 will count as free elective credit.
5. Unless a placement exam is successfully completed, students are required to complete FL_ 201 – the third semester of a foreign language (through the intermediate level). Students will not receive credit for courses below 102 unless starting a language different from their high school proficiency. Students who place beyond FL_201 and choose not to take a foreign language course will have satisfied the foreign language requirement but will not receive hour credit.
6. 1 hour of Health & Exercise Studies at the 100 level.
7. MA 242 may substitute.
8. COM 110, 112, or 211.
9. Choose a course from the GEP Humanities list. A second course will be required in a later semester.
10. ARE 201 may substitute. The requirement must be met with C- or better.


*Students must also complete as a part of their degree requirements one course from the GEP U.S. Diversity list (no credit hour requirement) and one course from the GEP Global Knowledge list (no credit hour requirement).


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